Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Are you ready?

Okay, we all know what this question means in the month of December.  If you are asking me this question I would have to say "NO!" (imagine it sung to the tune of Jingle Bells).  Sounds sort of bah-humbug of me, maybe, but it is a completely honest answer.  I get emails from a certain store everyday reminding me how many shopping days I have left.  I am shocked every morning and even more so now that Christmas count down is in the single digits!  HELP!

Of course I have been side tracked by other issues.  Last week there was a court date for son #2.  Thankfully, it got rescheduled.  The new court date is mid-January...whew!  Unfortunately, after that a argument broke out between brothers resulting in a rift so big that it has dashed any dreams of a family Christmas.  A complete bah-humbug there.

Anyway, back to shopping...Only 8 days left...OMGoodness!  I wonder how I am going to get this feat accomplished?  Last time I went to the mall parking spaces barely exsisted, which is a huge deterant for shopping.  Oh!  Forgot to mention we do not have a Christmas tree. Hoping to score one soon...before they are gone.  It looks like its going to be another year of tree topper & lights only for us.  With all I have to do I am going the easy way!  Let me tell you, as far as the tree is concerned I love simple more each year!

Okay, I hear my charge calling me from his long winter's nap.  My Nanny job calls, so I must dash-away!  Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas despite the stress.  Jingle all the way! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

BUS & Beauty Update

Well, it is the beginning of the month, so time for a BUS update.  I don't think there is too much to update this month.  I finished the Rosemary Mint soap as pictured below.

So both of these products are now EMPTY!  However, I like the Rosemary Mint soap so much I got another bottle, which I found TJ Maxx for $4.99 (a real bargain).

As for my vanilla collection, I am nearly done with the two lotions pictured below.

The Jason & Hugo lotion were so low that I combined the what was left of the two.  I am using the Hugo Sweet Orange Vanilla hand soap in the kitchen.  The Hugo Sweet Orange shampoo I stopped using as I did not think it was doing my hair any favors.  Since it turned white, I am considering throwing it away.

Since it is Christmas I splurged and got myself a Hugo Snowflake soap in Vanilla Peppermint as pictured below.  And I got a little body spray by Zum in Minty Pine.

I adore snowflakes and the smell of peppermint at Christmas, so couldn't pass these products up.  When I can I will take pictures of what is in my current BUS.  I need to update since I've used up or gifted a lot of what is in my pictures.  The only collections I have not used are Lemon & Rose.

As for my evoling beauty routine, there are a few changes.  I have taken up using apricot oil with some Emu oil mixed in.  It is working really well for my face.  And I have been using a new deodorant by Crystal.  I chose the Chamomile & Green Tea scent and so far I really like it.  It is gentle and effective, not to mention it smells so good.

And I have been using Out of Africa hand lotion.  It is mostly comprised of Shea Butter.  It works extremely well on my eczema.

Monday, December 1, 2014

More Holidays Ahead

So how was your Thanksgiving?  Mine was pretty awesome.  Both my sons wanted to come home and they brought their wives.  And of course my grandson was there.  My grandson is 9 months old.  After dinner I picked him up and he gave me a hug and kiss...not sure...but I think that is what he was doing as my cheek was wet.  Anyway, the Lord had a big blessing for me.  Here below is a picture of  son #1 & I preparing the turkey together.  He is a good cook, the turkey was delicious.

Here is a picture of Everett having fun with his Grandpa.

Did any of you participate in Black Friday?  I am happy to say that I am continuing my tradition of not participating.  I just keep remembering the "simple" days (notice I did not use "old" lol) when everything was closed and things were slow.  It gave people time to rest, relax, reflect and enjoy.

The next holiday up for us is Christmas.  I have a few gifts under my bed, but other than that I still need to do shopping.  Especially for my grandson as it is his first Christmas.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Evolving Beauty Routine

Well, I am finding that simple is best as far as my beauty routine goes.  I am using inexpensive products such as hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar and baking soda.  Then other products that are natural based, such as emu oil, Gold Bond baby powder, castile soap, epsom salts and neem.

I am finding out that healthy is the best "pretty" and is God's gift to us.  I have not been wearing much make-up, just letting the natural me be "me" and enjoying it.

I have been battling periodontal disease for sometime. I found out that the supplement Ubiquinol plus Quercetin & Vitamin C help.  So I have been taking those supplements and have noticed an improvement.  Trying to keep up with the Biotin for my hair & nails.  Also, try to remember to brush twice a day & floss every night.  I have been using baking soda to brush my teeth and doing a rinse with hydrogen peroxide.  I also use Theraneem tooth & gum powder along the Theraneem mouthwash.  Been using the apple cider vinegar as a toner and continuing to use the emu oil as my moisturizer.  Also the castile soap is moisturizing as it does not strip the skin of its natural oils. Epsom salts are used in the bath to relax and detox.  And, for deodorant I have been using hydrogen peroxide to cleanse my underarm and then use the Gold Bond baby powder.  I have been experiencing less irritation since.

So that is my current beauty routine update.  Very simple, but effective.  It keeps me going. 

November Update

I can hardly believe how quickly 2014 has melted away.  Thanksgiving is next week!  I continue to be busy, which I guess makes time fly.  However, I am not keeping up with my housework so well.  It is nagging at me, but I just don't have enough energy.  With working (daycare for a 10 month old), visiting with my grandson once a week (who is 9 months, crawling and sporting two new bottom teeth), Bible study and volunteering at the church, well, there isn't much left.  On top of that my younger son moved back to Colorado from California last month.  That has added some soap opera moments.

Anyway, I continue on with riding the BUS which brings a sense of accomplishment.  I have finished some items from my BUS.  I finished up a couple bars of soap that I did not take pictures of.  I also finished a bottle of lotion and there are a couple items that are approaching empty.

Of course I have added to my BUS.  Lots of A La Maison, due to the fact that it was found at TJ Maxx at less than half the cost I pay at Whole Foods.  And in varieties that Whole Foods does not offer.  A La Maison is versatile, because I can also use it as a shampoo.

Here below are pics of products I have used up.

EMPTY! I used up the lotion in this picture.  The soap is nearly gone.  I particularly love the fresh, clean scent of Rosemary-Mint.  It reminds me of Christmas.

In this picture the Vanilla-Orange lotion is almost all gone. When you have to take the pump out to get the last bit of lotion, well you know you are almost there.  I am also approaching empty on the Jason Vanilla scented lotion.  I have used a 1/3 of the Hugo Orange-Vanilla shampoo.  I am not sure how long I am going to keep using it though.  For some reason it has turned completely white like milk.  Maybe because it is old?  Who knows how long it sat on the shelf at the store.  I got it on clearance.  Anyway, I am not hugely impressed with it, but it was nice to try it.  I think I will stick with Hugo lotions though, they are nice.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

BUS Update

Well, another soap and lotion empty.  Feels so good to use things up!  Now I am on to a couple items from my Vanilla collection.

The Vanilla Collection
I gifted 2 items from this collection (the Vanilla Mint Softsoap & the Gud Vanilla Body Wash).  The Gud Vanilla Body spray was practically empty so I let it go.  I am currently using the Hugo Orange-Vanilla shampoo and the Hugo lotion in the same scent.  I am also using the Jason Vanilla Body lotion.  The only one that is still in BUS is the Hugo Orange-Vanilla hand soap.

Rosemary Mint Collection
I am currently using these also.  I am nearly done with the lotion.  Its down low enough that I can't pump anymore out of it simply because the tube inside won't suck up the rest of the lotion that's in there.  As for the soap, I have used 2/3 of it and have a 1/3 left to go.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

BUS Update

HOORAY!!!  I am happy to report that I finished the Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Body Wash & Butter.  Pacifica is a bit on the pricey side, but the products are good quality.  Since I am going in a different direction with my skin care, I will not be repurchasing. 

I have gotten the A La Maison soap and lotion in the scent White Tea out of BUS and I am now using them.  I found out that these products are very good products to use for someone with sensitive skin.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

BUS Update

Today I took a number of things out of my BUS and gifted them.  With all the trouble I have been having with my skin I went to my GP.  Well, that visit did not turn out as I would have liked, but she did get me to thinking that possibly my skin is having a reaction to products I am using.  She also said that living in Colorado with all the dryness can cause problems, not to mention age plays a part too.  Its a triple whammy!  I had the day off from my job today, so I decided to do some research.  That led me to the BUS and eliminating things that are not the best for sensitive skin. Gifting the items from the BUS was great because I made some one happy.  Always feels so good to make someone happy.

So my new beauty routine for sensitive skin is evolving slowly.  One product I am using is Bragg's apple cider vinegar with the mother.  I use that as an antiseptic & toner.  It works really well.  Of course the smell is nothing to be desired, but the results outweigh that matter.  The other product I am using is Emu oil.  It has antibacterial properties and on top of that, it is so non-irritating it is like putting water on your skin.  It is highly moisturizing and my skin seems to love it.  I am also using Neem oil, which is also anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal.  It too has a funky smell, but it wears off.  I use the Neem oil on other areas of my skin as the Neem is a little too harsh for my face.

I also came across information that castile soap is very gentle.  It does not strip the skin of oils as other soaps do.  So my husband convincing me to join him on the castile soap bandwagon is a God thing. It looks like castile soap is in my future.  So that is my BUS update.  As my beauty routine continues to evolve I will keep you updated.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Skin Problems Continue

Well, the skin infection cleared up on my face.  I was taking things slow and doing well.  I finally made a date with a girlfriend for Friday.  While out with my girlfriend, my daughter in-law called and wanted me to watch my grandson.  So after my time with my girlfriend I went and got my grandson.  Had a wonderful day with him, but at the end of my day I noticed my face was not feeling good.  I looked in the mirror and that rash was back and moving fast.  Thankfully I had some antibiotic left and I started taking it again.  I began taking it Saturday morning.  Its now Monday morning and my face is beginning to see improvement.  Of course I need to get into to see my PC because obviously this is going to be an ongoing problem.  Just keep praying that I will be healed, its really scary.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Secondary Infection

Well, the rash began to be very angry, itchy, painful and spreading.  I was losing sleep.  So I went to the doctor and found out my rash had turned into a secondary infection.  So I am taking antibiotic and it is helping tremendously.  No make-up, just au naturel.  The doctor recommended that I use Cetaphil, so I am currently using the sensitive skin bar to cleanse my face.

As for the Use-up BUS, I am still working on the Pacifica coconut body wash & butter.  Been using the Kiss My Face Peaches & Cream lotion.  Using it on my arms & face.  Love it!  Went through one bag of the lavendar epson salts by Dr. Teal's and on to my next.  Using up a peppermint-plum foot scrub and lavender liquid soap by EO.  Since all this trouble with my skin, I am realizing what a blessing it is to have healthy skin.  But not only that, I am also realizing that I really need to rethink my beauty routine.  So maybe future posts on that.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stress & Beauty

Okay, so recently life has been stressful, so stressful that it has taken a toll on my body.  I broke out in a rash on my face and due to the kind of rash it is I have suspended using my Pacifica facial products as they were too moisturizing.  The rash needs to remain dry to heal.  I also broke out in bumps on my elbows and in a quest to treat them I purchased Kiss My Face Peaches and Cream lotion with alpha-hydroxy.  I really like the Kiss My Face Peaches & Cream lotion, it smells wonderful, is thick and creamy, but yet light.  Its just a really nice lotion and not overly expensive.  Its nice when life's mishaps help you branch out and try new products and you find a treasure.

To cover the rash on my face I recently purchased a foundation make-up by Pur which I got at Kohl's.  It is pricey, but I was sold on it when I was able to test it.  I sampled it at Kohl's and went on to wear the foundation all day.  When it did not irritate my skin I went out and bought a bottle the next day.  They say it works best with the primer, but I put it on with the cream I am using on my rash and on the rest of my skin I use the above peaches & cream lotion and it works just fine.  It says it lasts 14 hours, well so far I have no complaints, it really does last.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Use-up BUS Update & Age

Well, I am still riding the BUS and I am happy to report I am still using my Pacifica coconut body wash and body butter.  I am proud of myself for hanging in there.  The body wash is about halfway finished and the tube of  body butter is feeling lighter.  I have to say the body butter is very good quality and my skin soaks it up.

There are a few products that I neglected to add to my list.  I have two bathrooms upstairs.  One has a shower and the other has a bathtub.  In my bathroom with the tub, I have some lavender products I use to help me get ready for bed.  First is Dr. Teal's Lavender Bubble Bath, next is Dr. Teal's Epson Salts in Lavender scent.  It depends what my needs are as to which one I use for my nightly soak.  Also have some EO hand soap in Lavender and then Vitamin C Revitalizing Face Wash by Avalon.  I usually have no problem using up the Dr. Teal's products so saw no need to add them to the list.  But I did get the EO lavender hand soap out of  BUS.

Now on to new face products I am trying.  In my bathtub I am trying Avalon Vitamin C Revitalizing face wash.  All I can say right now is that I like the citrus smell and it removes make-up well.  It does seem a bit harsh & drying to me.  So afterward I moisturize with Aloe Soothing Day Cream by the Body Shop which has a cooling & soothing feeling that I enjoy.  In the morning I take a shower and have been using Pacifica's Sea Foam face wash.  It is a gel that smells like coconut milk and feels very gentle on my face.  I've tried it at night before and it also removes make-up well and I only need a dab to get the job done.  After using that I use Pacifica's Dreamy Youth day & night face cream which is light and absorbs well.

As for age & beauty, I recently came across an article about a beautiful 63-year old model named Cindy Joseph.  In the interview I read on-line she said these encouraging words:  "I do not accept my age — I celebrate it! I wear my wrinkles, silver hair, and age spots as medals of honor. Life and beauty is all what you make it. That is what attractiveness and aging gracefully is all about. Enjoy it!" You can read the on-line article & see pictures by clicking here:  Cindy Joseph

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Berry Storage Boxes

I am wild about these storage boxes, they are great!  These little storage boxes have a little strainer basket inside so you can wash your produce right in the box.  All you do is put your produce in the strainer in the box, spray with your favorite veggie wash cleaner and fill with water.  Let the produce soak, drain, rinse and then put the strainer back in the box and pop the lid on.  It really helps keep things fresh.  However I do not limit them to just berries.  In the purple box I am storing blueberries,  the green box has petite carrots and the white box has cherries.  I bought different colors so as to be able to figure out which box has what.  I bought mine at my local supermarket (King Soopers) for $5.00 a piece.  I also found them on-line at Amazon for $7.02.

Monday, July 28, 2014

My Grandson!

Have not posted a picture of my grandson, Everett, since he was born.  Believe it or not he is already 5 months old!  He is so much fun.  Love visiting with him every week when I can.

Here Everett is in his stroller with his funky hat on that his Mom & Dad got him.  His Mom & Dad took him to Buffalo Bill Days in Golden.  Love that toothless grin!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Challenge - Using up Beauty Products

Hello friends!  As I mentioned in a previous post I have been hanging out on You Tube.  One of the dear ladies that I follow on You Tube has a blog here on Blogger.  Her name is Elle and she has started the Use-up BUS (BUS = Back-up Storage).  It is all about using up our beauty products.  I am so excited to join the Use-up BUS and thought I would extend this invite to you as well.  Here is a link to Elle's blog to get a better idea of what I am trying to explain:  Elle is for Living

My downfall is bar soaps, body washes and lotions.  I have way too many.  I tend to swap out my products according to the season.  So I will pull things out of back-up storage or even buy new product before I have finished what I am currently using.  Currently, I am trying to not buy anymore soap products till I get my stock to a more manageable level.

The newest soap buzz going on at our house is "castile soap".  Mark has gotten me on the bandwagon.  However, before I can fully embrace our new castile buzz, I need to finish up all my products and resist the temptation to buy more.  Here below I have taken pics of all my products I need to use up.

These are my new bar soaps.  The green soap is peppermint and was given to me by a friend.  The pink soap is Grace by Philosophy which was also from a friend.  The soap in the sheer bag is also from a friend, it is Plumeria soap from Hawaii.  I have two bars of the Cleopatra soap.  I bought it at a cosmetic store in Germany.  The soap is made in Paris, France and has a floral perfume-like smell which is heavenly.  The Hydro soap is made in Germany.  It was provided in one of our hotel rooms.  It has a nice periwinkle color and a very pleasant smell.  In the background is another soap from Germany.  It is a sheep soap scented with Edelweiss.

This is my collection of Gud body products by Burt's Bees.  This is the Cherry Blossom scent.  I have two lotions.  One is almost gone which I used with the body spray.  A friend gave me another of the lotions for my birthday.  So knowing I had lotion to use up along with body spray, I went ahead and bought the matching body wash when I found it on sale.

This is product that I have partially used up.  I am not motivated to use this one as the scent is not my favorite.  Its Grapefruit Mint.

More product that I need to use up. I like to match my soap & lotion to get a layering of scent, which helps with lasting power.  Also, I really love the Ala Maison French soap.  The Rosemary Mint scent is a favorite.

Still more product to use up.  This one I was keen on last autumn.  Ala Maison again this time in White Tea.  Love this scent!

Okay, on to new product in back-up storage.  This is my "I Love Citrus" collection.  The tube of lemon body wash I bought in Germany and it smells like a lemon drop.  The lemon scented deodorant is from Germany also.  It is a natural deodorant (aluminum free).  I tried a sample in Germany and not only smells good it works really well.  The Hugo lotion was on clearance at my local Natural Grocer.  A scent by Hugo that was phased out.  I liked the scent so I bought it.  The bar soap is an artisan made soap by Anita (I have a prior post singing the praises of Anita).  Can't wait to use this collection!

This is my "I Love Vanilla" collection.  I was planning on breaking this out in Autumn.  The Gud body spray is nearly empty.  A few of the Hugo Vanilla Orange products are partially used.  I found the big bottle of Hugo Shampoo on sale so picked it up.  Hugo is supposed to have very good shampoo so thought I would try it out.

This is my "I Love Roses" collection.  The rosewater is partially used, the body wash and lotion are new.  When I use this collection I will be using this new pretty body puff.

Last but not least is what I am currently using.  Indian Coconut Nectar by Pacifica.  I am about halfway done with these.  The body wash is very gentle and the body butter feels and smells wonderful on my skin.  I have also tried some of Pacifica's new make-up line.  I tend to have sensitivities to make-up so I am picky about the products I purchase.  So far I have not had any problems with any of the Pacifica products I have tried.

So this is my soap/lotion stash that I need to use up.  I am jumping on Elle's Use-up BUS.  I will post and let you know when I have finished something and even give a review on it.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th & Germany

Hello!  Happy 4th of July!  Its been a long time since I last posted.  It seems blogging is no longer my passion.  I have been hanging out at You Tube these days.  There are so many beautiful and talented women out there and they make fabulous videos filled with so much great information and creative ideas.  Have learned so much! 

Anyway, on to my trip to Germany, which was amazing!  Of course the language was an obstacle, but we got around and it was fun.  I have to say that learning and practicing some German was very helpful before embarking on my trip.  At first it was a bit of culture shock for me and I was quite scared.  My first day out sightseeing with Mark was amazing, but when he took me to the city of Dusseldorf, well, I had stomach problems.  We attributed it to me being overwhelmed, which I was.  So we left Dusseldorf and returned to Essen.  I felt better there, just lingering pain from stomach cramps.  But the next day Mark had to go to work and I plunged in on my own.  Now that I am home I have ended up relishing the experience.  I thank the Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful trip.  He went before me and when I needed Him He was there in so many ways both big and small.

So on You Tube I made some slide shows of my trip and the things I experienced.  If you would like to know more about my trip please post comments and ask questions.  Otherwise it was a wonderful 18 days away.  I enjoyed the food, the shopping, the people and the various places I visited.

Me in Cologne on a bridge overlooking the Rhine River.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Busy Bee

Every time I think I am going to get back into blogging...well, something comes up and I just don't do it.  With starting my daycare business I don't seem to have enough hours in the day.  My clients are wonderful and I am thoroughly enjoying working for them.  Praise God!  Also been enjoying my new role as Grandma.  My grandson is so handsome, if I do say so myself! :-)  So happy to have these little lives touching my life, what a blessing!

Soon Mark and I will be off to Germany.  I have been so looking forward to it.  I've been working on what I am going to pack and updating my luggage.  I went shopping with a girlfriend recently and was able to score a Vera Bradley Grand Cosmetic case for $30!  I got it in "Plum Crazy" as pictured below.

I was able to break it in when I went to our church's women's retreat.  It worked so well and I love it!  I've also picked up a few cosmetic bags over at Forever 21.  They have bags that are very cute and priced under $10.  If you don't know already I am a shopaholic (for me it is better known as RT - Retail Therapy) and so of course I am looking forward to shopping in Germany.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


I find this Easter I am longing for His return.  As I view what is going on in our country and in the world it makes me long for Him even more.  It amazes me how all this chaos can be going on, but yet as I follow Him I have peace.

My little corner of the world has been filled with children.  Our home is speckled with baby things.  Blankets, bottles, bibs, formula, toys.  It is truly a blessing of the Lord.  My daycare business has been great.  Taking care of little Isaac has been a blessing.  He is a very special boy.  I call him my sunshine as he is always smiling and makes me smile too.  And I have been spending as much time as I can with my grandson Everett.  This past Friday I got to babysit him for the first time.  Mark even took time off work as we got to sit with Everett from morning till evening.

So that is how life is going for me right now.  Things are as busy as can be.  What little free time I have I spend catching up on my chores.  And maybe squeeze in some time with girlfriends.  Next weekend I will be attending the women's retreat with our church.  It will be a nice time to get refreshed and recharged.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Plenty of Sunshine!

I woke early this morning, early enough to see the beautiful sunrise.  I could tell by the sunrise that it was going to be a bright sunny day.  I enjoyed the winter wonderland scene, everything was blanketed in white, it was absolutely beautiful.  As the sun rose everything quickly turned into a very wet slushy mess.  The roads magically cleared so we decided to venture out.

So we ventured over to Greenwood Village where there is a new Trader Joe's.  It is so wonderful to have a Trader Joe's in Colorado!  Shopping in it takes us down memory lane.  While living in California I shopped weekly at Trader Joe's.  Also in the shopping center is an Original Pancake House which is a restaurant we enjoyed in California.  We have developed a ritual of having lunch at the Original Pancake House and then doing some grocery shopping at Trader Joe's.  Today I had the sourdough pancakes, which were very delicious.  Also, there is a TJ Maxx in the shopping center, which definitely needs to have my presence!  Today, I scored a very beautiful Raymond Waites quilt with matching pillow shams (hubby approved).  It is white with autumn colored flowers.  Our bed is going to look so pretty this coming fall.  Below is a picture of the quilt from the web.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Snowy weather, etc.

Well, it has snowed a couple of times this week.  It is the wet heavy kind of snow.  That is the kind of snow that brings spring flowers, which I am eagerly awaiting.  I can't believe that we are going to be springing ahead to daylight savings this weekend.  It does not feel like it is time for spring with all this snow.

To my blog friends, I only have a short update.  I have been working, I started my daycare business!  Its been hard work, but so rewarding.  Also, been trying to get in visits with our new grandson.  Every minute we spend with him is a true blessing!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

We are Grandparents!

Here is our grandson, Everett!  We could not be happier.

 Everett Sebastian
Born February 14th, 2014.
6 lbs. 8 oz., 20 1/4 inches

Everett with his Grandpa at the hospital.

Everett at Grandma & Grandpa's house.

We love you very much Everett! <3

Monday, January 20, 2014

All Natural Handcrafted Soap

One thing that I enjoy about Colorado is the amount of craft fairs that pop up around the holidays.  There are so many gifted artisans and one of them I would like to highlight.  Her name is Anita, owner & artisan of the Bubbly Soap Company.  In simple terms, Anita makes soap...really good soap... which is both beautiful and luxurious.  She also makes other products, such as moisturizers & bath salts.  Everything she makes is all natural and top quality.  I use her products myself and have been so pleased.  Here is her web address:  Check it out and give her products a try.  You won't be disappointed.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Go away wind!

We have not been getting much snow lately, but we have been getting a lot of wind.  We live in the foothills so the wind is very strong at times.  Mark finally got the fence built only to have the wind knocking it over.  The wind blew our BBQ off the deck and another one of the covers on our window wells was destroyed.  I am so tired of the wind!  Love the view here at our house, just hate the wind.

Been following the Broncos.  I have to let you in on something that is great about Denver.  Bronco fans!  When I was out and about this past week there were so many fans wearing Bronco shirts or Bronco colors (orange & blue).  It was like the town was painted orange & blue everywhere I went.  The exciting news is that the Broncos are going to Superbowl...Hooray!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Welcome 2014!

Blessed new year to all of you!  I hope that 2014 holds many blessings for you and a deeper relationship with our Lord.

2014 already looks exciting, the Lord has many blessings ahead for us.  One includes our young friend Sheny.  She had her baby January 3rd.  A little boy weighing 7 lbs. 2 oz.  She named him Isaac.  When she goes back to work I will be looking after Isaac.  I am very excited to be blessed with this opportunity to make a difference.

In February, Mark and I will be taking a CPR class together.  With having little ones around us we felt it would be wise to update our first aid skills.  On February 19th we are expecting our first grandchild, Everett. 

In the spring/summer I may be joining Mark on a business trip to Germany.  We will see how it all pans out as the time approaches.

In July my young friend, Tara will be having her 2nd child which I am excited about.  Tara is like a daughter to me.  I am already enjoying her 1st child, Grady.  Christmas 2013 was the first Christmas Grady could open gifts.  At 17 months old Grady is full of spunk and very smart.  It was fun to watch him open the present I gave him.  He knew right away what it was and couldn't wait to open the box.  So cute!