Sunday, December 6, 2015

"Use it Up" Update

Well, it is time to take inventory.  As I recall I did purchase some bath items for Autumn as seen below.  I have not used up the pump soap as the pump broke and I ended up using another soap in my stash that needed using up.  When that bottle is empty I will have a bottle to put this soap into.  However, the SHE body butter in the scent Milk & Honey is all gone.  Good stuff! 

I also bought a bottle of  Fuji Apple Berry scented lotion by Pure & Basic, which smells absolutely delicious.  Love this lotion so much!

I did not use this lotion up.  But, since it is now officially the Christmas season, I broke out my Christmas scent for this year pictured below.

This is Andalou's Aloe Mint, which smells divine!  The body lotion is nice and thick, but thins out as you spread it on your skin.  The shower gel creates a nice lather and is very gentle to the skin.  I am enjoying both of these products.

The only bath item I splurged on for this month is a new shower puff from Bath & Body Works.  It is white with a gold ribbon in it.  I went to buy some Christmas scented candles (I think Bath & Body Works has the best candles) and I happened to spot the shower puff and had to have it.

Isn't it so pretty?  I am really enjoying it.  So far I have not purchased any new soap items or lotions for the Christmas season.  So A+ for that!

As far as my beauty routine, I am continuing to use Emu oil to moisturize around my eyes and my chin and then I use the Out of Africa shea butter lotion to moisturize the rest of my face.  As for washing my face, I only use castile soap, so as not to strip the natural oils.  This has proven to be the best way to keep my skin looking great.  If I happen to get a blemish, I use Sovereign Silver gel on  the blemish as well as the emu oil and this clears it up very nicely.  I also use gel/oil combo when I get a flare up with my pierced earrings.

As for hair, well I have some changes.  I came across a product called a coconut creme cowash made by Renpure as pictured below.

With the cold winter air upon us, my hair has been extra dry.  One evening I did a hot oil treatment (mixed up a batch of my own oils) and it really helped my hair.  Then out shopping one day I ran across this cowash stuff and have been using it ever since.  I feel that it has made a good difference.  You can read about cowashing at Musings of a Muse.  I am still using the Kiss My Face "Whenever" shampoo & conditioner which both contain argan oil.  They are supposed to be moisturizing, but it has not been moisturizing enough for the winter.

So that is my update.  I hope that this post has helped and maybe given you some ideas and new products to try for yourself.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Joy!

"Now all praise to God for His wonderful kindness to us and His favor that he has poured out upon us, because we belong to His dearly loved Son.  So overflowing is His kindness towards us that He took away all our sins through the blood of His Son, by whom we are saved; and He has showered down upon us the richness of His grace for how well He understands us and knows what is best for us at all times.

God has told us His secret reason for sending Christ, a plan He decided on in mercy long ago; and this was His purpose: that when the time is ripe He will gather us all together from wherever we are - in heaven or on earth - to be with Him in Christ forever."  Ephesians 1:6-10 (Living Bible)

This morning I read this scripture in my Bible.  What joy!  With all that is going on in the world, the gloom of it all, still that little baby in a manger is the one who conquers all.  The greatest gift ever!  Real Christmas joy begins in Christ Jesus and the gracious kindness of our Father who knows what is best for us at all times.  Rejoice!  

Friday, November 27, 2015


Yesterday was Thanksgiving day here in America.  In Colorado we had a white Thanksgiving.  Mark pulled back to curtains from our big living room window and we watched the snow fall as we snacked on bits of cheese and sliced apple. It was a good day to stay home and rest, just the two of us.  The smells of a roasting chicken in the crock-pot drifted through the house.  We enjoyed a wonderfully restful day.  I had been looking forward to a restful day as I have been feeling tired and worn out from all that I have been doing.  My son & his wife went to New Mexico to spend Thanksgiving with her family.  We will be hosting Christmas for them this year. 

As for "Black Friday" I was again a "no show".  Instead I enjoyed a nice warm bath, the comfort of my jammies, a warm blanket and a slice of caramel apple pie with hot tea.  No way I was going to battle snow and ice for a deal.  Besides, I started my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, but no where near finished.  Shopping can wait till later.

Well,  I hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day!  Most of all, I hope that you were able to tell God "Thank you!" for all that He has blessed you with.  Things may not be perfect, but Mark and I know we are blessed, our cup is overflowing.

Here I am with my son's cat, Henry, on Thanksgiving Day.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Out of Control?

I don't know about you, but the state of affairs in this world looks to be chaos.  Total chaos!  I could go on and on about it, but I am sure you know all about it.  Everything that is going on makes my head spin so much that it makes me ill.  How about you?

Tonight I read in my devotional titled "Not My Worry" about God's great power, wisdom and mighty strength.  Psalm 55:22 says, "Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you." and Isaiah 40:28-31 says, "He will not grow tired or weary, and His understanding no one can fathom.  He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.  Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."

So when we are tempted to feel despair, lets turn our eyes upon God.  Jesus has overcome the world.  He is our Redeemer, our Sovereign Lord; definitely He's got this, no problem.  The best part is that He is coming.  Lets look up, for our redemption draws near.  In the meantime, lets do as the below message advises...lets carry on in His service till He calls us home.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Autumn Reflection Time

Autumn, the season of color.  In Autumn the air takes on a nip.  Sweaters & blankets appear and wrap us in warmth.  Pumpkins and apples grace our tables and fires and candles make things cozy.  Let us take some time today to think about Autumn and the wonderful season God made for us.  Take time to reflect on the aspects of this lovely season that give you pleasure.  Listed below are some of mine.

Apples & Pumpkins - for eating, in drinks, and just so pretty to look at on their own.

Leaves - all the different colors, shapes and sizes.  I love how the sunlight shines on them in the evening making them glow.  And I love how they look against a clear blue sky.

Sweaters - I love the warmth they bring to a chilly day and how they complete an outfit.  I love the patterns of knit, the colors and textures.

Hats, Gloves & Scarves - I have all kinds of scarves and knit hats.  It is so fun to add them to my outfit and the warmth they bring is so necessary.

 Blankets - the warmth of a blanket on a chilly night is so comforting.  I love the oversized throw blankets with woolly fleece or down.

Candles - I especially like the scents they have in Autumn, apple, smokey scents, spicy cinnamon, pumpkin, etc.

Hot Beverages - nothing says Autumn like hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick, hot chocolate, chai tea, hot coffee with an Autumn flavored creamer.  So yummy!

Pie - I absolutely adore pie and Autumn pies are special to me.  Apple, pumpkin, and custard pie are my favorites.

Soup & Bread - Autumn has the perfect weather for soup & bread.  So warming, healthy and tasty.  My favorite soups are my Grandmother's minestrone and a good Irish potato soup.  To complete the meal a warm bread out of the oven.  Cornbread, biscuits, etc.  I absolutely adore bread with melting butter!

These are a few of my favorite things for Autumn.  I hope this list has inspired you and that you will take time to think of your favorite things.  In reflecting on these blessings I hope your heart fills with thanksgiving to God.  We are so blessed to be able to enjoy all of  our favorite things.  He is so GOOD!  Happy Autumn!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Can you believe it?

It is November and soon we will be celebrating Thanksgiving!  And after that the Christmas season will be in full swing!  I am so not ready.  Lately, the holidays have been the least on my mind.  Its been an amazing year, so many things have transpired.  I started out the year just looking forward to my grandson's 1st birthday.  As the year went on I sensed in my spirit an urgency and a longing for His return.  After praying and asking the Lord to give me salve for my eyes, He answered my prayer.  Many new doors were opened up letting in His light.  I am no longer in the dark.  Here is a link to an article I recently read that puts a lot of things into focus about what is up ahead.  The article is titled The Coming Snare written by Daymond Duck.  Hope you enjoy it.  And remember, the Lord is more than willing to help you keep the light on, just ask.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sharing the trials...

I have not shared my trials on this blog for quite a while now.  When I did share way back when, it had caused issues for me so I stopped sharing. I have gotten used to sharing light stuff since then.  However, the situation has changed, so it may be safe to share the deeper things of life.

I still struggle with with my sons.  As you may remember my sons are both adopted, they are biological brothers.  Its been quite a story these past couple of years.  Son #2 looked up his birth parents and got Son #1 involved.  I did not talk to the parents, but I did finally get to see a picture of their birth mother, which Son #1 shared with me.  Anyway, since last writing about my sons, both are married now.  As you may remember, Son #1 was the first to marry as he had a child on the way.  My gorgeous grandson.  Son #2 married last year and they have a child on the way.

Son #2 is still the source of much heartache, so much so that it is hard to talk about.  He left home just before his 18th birthday, dropped out of high school and went to Cali.  He came back for a short period, then went back to Cali again.  (He always leaves because he gets into trouble.)  He got married in April last year.  After 6 months he brought his wife to live in Colorado.  They lived here for 10 months and it was a roller coaster ride the whole time.  He was in and out of jobs, cars, jail and places to live.  I have had the police at my house and creditors calling me on account of his antics.  I had the experience of accompanying my new daughter in-law to court and seeing my son in a prison uniform, handcuffed and a chain around his waist.  He and his wife left Colorado in August without saying goodbye.  After a month he called.  He continues to live life on the wrong side of the tracks.

I used to get terribly upset, but I have learned to leave it with the Lord.  Prayer time for the boys is done with a heavy heart and few words.  Mostly just my spirit groaning within me.  To survive, I've learned to focus on the Lord's return, it is the only thing that brings me joy, excitement and anticipation.  And of course the Lord opened the doors for me to provide daycare for my grandson, which also brings me joy.  The Lord is my strength, my shield, my strong tower to run to.  Praise His holy name!      

Friday, October 23, 2015

What's Happening to America?

Recently, I have been intrigued by something eerie.  Can you say "dead malls"?  In my opinion, this phenomenon is due to our fading economy.  An article from the New York Times titled "The Economics (and Nostalgia) of Dead Malls" is an interesting read.  And if you go on You Tube and type "dead malls" into the search engine dozens of videos come up.

It appears that the heyday of the retail era is slowly dying.  As a teen growing up in the later 1970's, the mall was the place to go nearly every Saturday.  Even as a mom with elementary school children (in the early 2000's), my friend and I met at the mall to walk, have coffee, shop, lunch and of course talk-talk-talk.  

Definitely, our country has turned a page in its history.  With our national debt in the trillions of dollars and the recent rumblings in the world economy, wars and the threat of nuclear war, where are we headed? As I watch the nightly news I see the elements of hate and destruction flashed across the screen.  Lawlessness, lies, deceit, appear to be the norm; a new way of living life.  And what about the phrase "politically correct"?  Well, it appears to be a new lifestyle to be ascertained, however in my opinion its a poison to drink resulting in becoming a zombie. 

Evil is being fed to us as goodness and true goodness is being touted as evil.  The Bible says in Isaiah 5:20, " Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" Is this what is happening to America?  It seems then that these "dead malls" are a picture of what is happening to our society.  What once was a great nation is now dying.  But the real tragedy is what is becoming of Americans.  Are we dying?

I cannot end this post without pointing the way to life.  There is real life available, but you have to be willing to let go of your "dead mall" life.  I point to the Bible, where it says in John 1:4, "In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind."  This passage speaks of "Jesus".  By his own admission, He says, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."  In Jesus, there is life everlasting, the truth, and the way we really start living is through Him.  Yes, all have sinned and fall short (Romans 3:23), but we have a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.  A fantastic deal...forgiveness is FREE!  But its a limited time offer, don't miss out.   

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Have you experienced tribulation?  I am sure you are answering "yes" to that question.  All of us have tribulation. Tribulation is defined as a state of great trouble or suffering.  Tribulation surfaces in our personal lives, in the lives of those around us and in the world.  It is a part of daily living here on planet earth, but for those of us who follow Jesus Christ there is extra tribulation.  As 2 Timothy 3:12 says, "Yea, and all that would live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." Persecution is defined as hostility and ill treatment.  So as a Christian it is a given that at some point I will face some kind of hostility or ill treatment due to my faith.   

In Matthew 5:10-12 Jesus says this:  "Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 11"Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. 12"Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you."

I have not endured physical persecution, but I have endured hostility, false words against me and loss of relationship.  It hurts when these things happen, especially at the hands of those who are supposed to love us. That is why the Lord said we have to love Him more than our father, brother, mother, children, etc.  To be honest, there are times I have wanted to lash back, but then I remember vengeance belongs to the Lord.  I also remember how the Lord wants us to love our enemies and do good to those who would spitefully use us.  It is a sad day when a loved one becomes an enemy, but then it is all spiritual as it says in Ephesians 6:12, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

So, I went to the Lord and told Him that I forgive these people. I sure did not feel like doing that, but our Lord commands us to forgive.  Once I spoke my forgiveness to the Father, the chains were broken.  Then the above verses washed and cleansed the hurt and brought comfort. It is my hope that in some small way this post has helped you to deal with your tribulation.  God bless and keep saying those prayers...its critical.  ;-)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Autumn is Here!

It is Autumn!  Been so busy with taking care of my grandson and keeping up with world events in light of the Bible, as well as taking care of our home.  As for my grandson,  I take care of him 4 to 6 days a week.  I've been so blessed to spend so much time with him.  This week we have had some Autumn outings.  First, Mark and I took a weekend Autumn drive in the mountains to enjoy the Aspens.  We always seem to catch the tail end of them.  Even so, we enjoy our time on the road.

 The golden aspens near Georgetown on Guanella Pass.

Me enjoying an Autumn day.

The mountains on Guanella Pass.
On our way home we stopped into a small cafe in the town of Bailey (on the 285) and had a piece of pie and coffee.  So much fun!

On Tuesday this week, Mark decided to take a day off  from work so that we could take our grandson to the pumpkin patch.  He absolutely loved it!

Here he is enjoying a pumpkin.

The Lord certainly has blessed our Autumn and we are so thankful for the time we have shared together.  Hope you are having a blessed Autumn as well.  Happy Autumn! 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Autumn is coming...Update

Wow! I looked at the date on my last post and I cannot believe that much time has passed!  This is going to be a long post as I have got to get you all caught up.

I have been struggling with a wrist injury.  Before our vacation at the end of May I had fell in our kitchen and injured my wrist.  It was not too bad and I did great on vacation.  Sometime after our return I re-injured it.  It got so bad that I went to the doctor and they put me in a brace thingy.  So I have been trying to get through life in this brace and it doesn't make things easy, not to mention the pain I've had.  At first they thought it was fractured, but on closer examination ruled that out.  It is sprained and I have to wear the brace till September 21, at which point I am to evaluate it.  If it is still in pain and is giving me trouble then I am to schedule another appointment with my doctor.  On the bright side it has made some progress, but it is slow in coming.  Praying that the Lord will heal it completely.

So as you can imagine, typing has been a bit of a challenge.  I can do it, but it isn't the most comfortable position for my wrist and I keep hitting wrong keys here and there making the job a bit longer and more tiresome.  Anyway, I wanted to get a post up to share my excitement for Autumn while I have it.  I have been a bit apprehensive to be excited about the season as there are so many things going down in the world that have "end times" written all over them.  Its been pretty scary, but then the Lord is always with us, even to the end of the age.

Okay, so, its time to evaluate my Project Use It Up progress.  I have to say that I really did not use up much of anything.  Off the top of my head I remember using up a bar of soap and a shower gel.  I got a couple items out of storage for summer, but did not use them up.  I like the whole idea of matching my bath products to the season.  Since Autumn begins hitting Colorado in September (Fall color has already started showing in the mountains here.) I've been in the Autumn mood.  So I went to my storage to look for Autumn scents, but had nothing except a bar of apple soap.  So I had some fun buying a few items.

Pictured here is a Brown Sugar & Vanilla pump soap by Deep Steep.  And a body butter in Milk & Honey by SHE.  Both are good products and smell delightful.  I also picked up a pump lotion by Pure & Basic in Apple Berry scent to match my apple bar soap.  These items should last me through November.

Pictured here is my last lemon shower gel from Germany and a new lotion from Desert Essence, I think called Lemon Ice.  The lotion smells really good and I plan to use these next summer.

Here is another item I picked up.  I already had the Andalou mint lotion and happened upon the matching shower gel at Marshal's, so I picked it up.  Looking forward to using these items in the winter.

Since I am in the Autumn mood, I've been busy changing my decor to match.  So far I've gotten my bathrooms decorated.  Here are some pics!  Forgive the quality.

My husband and I have our own bathrooms.  We of course share, but I mainly use the blue bathroom and he uses the gold colored one.  The above pic is of my bathroom.  I've been partial to a French theme, so its Autumn in Paris!  The wall decal says "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful".

My bronze tray is filled with Autumn-ish goodies.  A mini-candle from Bath & Body Works in the scent "Autumn" and some A La Maison.  I used up the lotion, but like to refill the bottle with other lotions to keep that Paris vibe.

Here is the sink area.  I just got the vase with the fake sunflower at Burlington Coat Factory, they also sell them at Marshal's for $6.99.  And the hand towel I got a Joann's Fabric last year.  The pump soap is Orange Blossom Honey is from Trader Joe's.  The scent is delightful and gentle on your hands if you have eczema issues like I do.

Here is a picture of my husband's bathroom sink area decorated for Autumn.  I am using an old Bath & Body Works pump soap bottle for decoration.  Love the rusty color and I love to recycle soap & lotin bottles.  Its really easy to refill soap bottles.  I buy big bottles of Dr. Bonner's soap and for a foam pump you add 2/3 water to 1/3 soap and walla!  You can even add essential oils to get a scent you prefer.

The other passion in my life is my grandson, pictured here in my backyard.  He is now 18 months old and spends 4 to 5 days a week with his Grandma while his mommy & daddy work.  At first he was reserved and sort of withdrawn, but the more time he has spent with me the more he has blossomed.  He is beginning to talk and he calls Mark & I, mama & papa.  He loves being outdoors and exploring.  In this picture he is holding a leaf and looking up at the trees.  Of course I love him to pieces.  Oh and one of the words he has learned recently is "Bible".  So proud of him!

So that is my update.  I hope you enjoyed it and you too are inspired for Autumn.  Enjoy & God Bless!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

End Times News

Would you be interested to know how current events are fitting into Bible prophecy?  Here is a link to a site called Rapture Ready.  For quite awhile now I have been visiting this site on a daily basis.  If you want to be a well informed believer this site is essential.  God bless!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Are you Awake?

Speaking as a follower of Jesus Christ, I have to ask:  Are you feeling a heaviness in your spirit these days?  Is your soul vexed?  If your answer is "yes", bless God you are alive!  If not, then I encourage you to wake up and look around.  Things are not what they may seem.  The tide has turned and the "soon" return of Christ is drawing nearer everyday.  I've had to wake up myself and ask Jesus for salve for my eyes so that I might see.  One thing that really touched my heart this past Sunday is news from the Temple Institute in Israel.  They have released the plans for the 3rd temple!  The building of the 3rd temple is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy and a sign that I have been looking for.  As I watched the video tears ran down my face in realization that Jesus is really coming. 

Here below I am leaving a few links to terrific men & women of God that are telling it like it is and dealing with issues that are facing the body of Christ.  It has been such a comfort to listen to these dear souls of God.  I hope you will find comfort in their message as I have.

Fellowship Bible Chapel:
Pastor John Haller does a prophecy update every Sunday.

Calvary Chapel in Hawaii - Pastor JD Farag:
Pastor JD is so very dear, a blessed man of God.  He does prophecy updates every Sunday.

Jan Markell - Olive Tree Ministries:
Jan is a very solid woman of God.  She has a weekly radio show.  Check out the archives.

Love for the Truth Radio - Cindy Hartline:
Cindy's weekly radio program is an eye opener.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Update on my Vera Collection

Well, my obsession with Vera is continuing, I am way too addicted to color.  I thought I would share my collection with you.  Just to let you know, I've always been a practical gal when it comes to purses.  Now in my 50's I don't feel like being practical anymore.  I probably should be ashamed to own so many purses, but I can't tell you how much fun it has been.

Here is Daisy kitty with my spring/summer collection of purses.  Don't these Veras look so pretty together?  All of these patterns are retired and purchased on-line.  Starting at the lower left is a bucket tote in Hope Toile (from Ebay), next is a Clare in Priscilla Pink (Vera Bradley). Back to the left is another bucket tote in Flutterby (Vera Bradley), next to that is a Clare in Jazzy Blooms (Amazon), next is another bucket tote in Petal Pink (Twice). Above Jazzy Blooms is a Betsy in Twirly Bird Pink (Ebay) and last is a Clare in Twirly Bird Navy (Ebay).

This is the beginnings of my autumn/winter collection.  Again all of these are retired patterns and were purchased on-line.  On the left is a Clare in Very Berry Paisley (Ebay), next to that is a Hipster in Totally Turq (Twice) and on top is a Clare in English Rose (Ebay).  If you will notice I buy a lot of Clare bags.  They are my favorite, they are rounded which feels good worn as a shoulder or crossbody bag.

Any regrets you may ask?  Yes, I bought three little hipsters, thinking they would work well for me.  I used one and it did not sit right on my body as a crossbody.  They are rectangular and for some reason it is uncomfortable for me.  As a shoulder bag it works alright, but still not thrilled with it.  I prefer the Frannie much better.  The little hipster in the pattern Clementine (a very pretty pattern) I sent to my niece as part of her high school graduation present.  I hope she likes it better than I did.  I used the one in the pattern Petal Paisley and have not used the Baroque one.  I intend to gift the Baroque to a lucky gal.  If you read this and would like a little hipster in the pattern Baroque, let me know, I just may send it to you. *wink*

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Project Use It Up - AKA: BUS

Hello friends, I am changing the name of my monthly BUS report to "Project Use It Up".  Just thinking it better describes what I am trying to do.  Its been awhile since I have done an update.  I went on vacation and when I got back a number of things went down.  I had a changing of the babies.  Isaac went on to big time daycare, so I had to say goodbye (sniff).  And I began taking care of my grandson (smile).  And then there was some big events that happened with my younger son and his wife.  So I just did not feel like blogging too much. Anyway, here is my Project Use It Up report. 

Okie dokie, pictured above is the current shampoo I am using, Andalou lavender & biotin.  I am about halfway done with it.  I smells good and is gentle, but for the most part I don't notice anything special.

I have been using these A La Maison products in the scent Thousand Flowers.  I've used about a 1/3 of the soap and probably 1/2 of the lotion.  I like the smell which is very light and springy.  The lotion is light and absorbs quickly.  I like the lotion a lot, but they have discontinued making it.  Bummer!

In this picture of products I used up the lavender scented snowflake soap and the blue bottle of lavender lotion.  I've only used a 1/4 of the liquid soap.

I finally got my lemon collection out.  I am currently using all of these products.  The Hugo lotion in the scent Lemon & Bergamot is 3/4 gone.  The bar soap is about 1/2 gone.  And the lemon shower gel from Germany, I actually have two tubes of it.  I've just about finished one tube and will soon be using the second one.  As far as the Out of Africa lotion, I am using that as a face cream, I've used maybe a 1/4 of it.  And last, but not least, the Deo from Germany (which I LOVE), I've used about a 1/4 of it.

So that is my update.  I am so happy with myself because I have not been buying any new products the past month or so.  I do look every once in awhile, but I know I have stuff at home so I tell myself not to buy.  I have 3 collections yet to get through which are:  Coconut, Sea Salt, and Honeysuckle.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

On the Road with Vera and Hubby!

Well, my Vera purchases are being put to good use.  I am on a road trip with dear hubby and Vera is carrying all my necessities.  I am using my Tic Tac Tote in Flutterby, my Flower Shower tote and my Grand Cosmetic case in Clementine.

We had the most wonderful picnic today.  We were in Glenwood Canyon at Bair Ranch Rest Area right next to the Colorado River.  It was a gorgeous day with brilliant blue sky, white puffy clouds and the soft green of spring leaves on the trees.  After our picnic we spent time resting in the sun holding hands.

Here is a picture of what the highway looks like as you travel through the canyon.  This picture is one I found on-line.  Click on the picture to get a bigger view, its gorgeous.

We got caught in the rain a couple different times.  Running around in the rain is fun.  What a joy to be carefree and enjoy God's lovely handiwork.  So blessed to have a wonderful day with my hubby.  And so blessed to have these lovely Vera bags.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

More Color!

Well, more color of the Vera Bradley kind came into my life since I last posted.  I received the Tic Tac Tote in Flutterby last week.  Somehow I was not thrilled and thought that maybe I should have picked a different pattern.  Actually, I think it is just too much purple for me, even so I like the style of the bag and can't wait to use it.

For Mother's Day my hubby was wonderful and took me to the Vera Bradley Outlet in Castle Rock.  Despite the rain, we had a wonderful day together and I so enjoyed shopping.  It was so nice to see the product in person.  I ended up getting two Little Hipster bags.  They were 50% off.  One I got in the pattern Baroque and the other in Clementine.  I also got two zip id cases, one in the pattern Baroque to match the Little Hipster bag and one in the pattern Shower Vines to match my Frannie Bag in Flower Shower.
The Little Hipster in the pattern Baroque

In the mail this week, I received a zip id case I ordered in Jazzy Blooms and a Bucket Tote in Flutterby.  The Bucket Tote in Flutterby is really cute, even my hubby likes it. 

 The Bucket Tote in Flutterby

In full addict fashion, I have three more Vera items coming.  These are the last items (at least for now - haha)  I ordered a zip id case in the pattern Clementine, which will match the Little Hipster I purchased in the same pattern.  And I also have another Clare purse coming in the pattern English Rose, which I plan to use in Autumn.  I snagged the purse on Ebay, a really great deal!  And I purchased a Bucket Tote in the retired pattern Hope Toile another great Ebay deal.

Honestly, I think I went from being a soap addict to a purse addict.  Whatever, I feel pretty well satisfied with all my purchases.  There are a few other items I would like to purchase, but those I will leave for the future.  I am content to enjoy what I have.  Actually, I probably have over done it, but I plan to have fun with it all.  If not that they will make nice gifts.  ;-)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Very Vera Bradley...

Well, I have developed an addiction to color...a Vera Bradley kind of color.  I don't know what it is about VB that once you start it seems you can't stop.  One of the nice things about the products is that they are machine washable, which is cool.  Here below is a photo journal of what I have added to my collection thus far.  Mind you I only had three Vera pieces in my collection.  One a friend gave me (a cosmetic case in Doodle Daisy) and two I bought on sale for my 2014 trip to Germany (Grand Cosmetic Bag in Plum Crazy & Computer Backpack in Tutti Frutti).  Since I am working I feel I can splurge and buy more Vera.  Woohoo!

I like vintage Vera.  So this first piece is a vintage piece.  Its a brush & pencil case (photo acquired on-line) in Hope Toile (magenta & white on a coral ground).  I acquired it from an on-line 2nd hand store called Twice.  It is lined inside making it hard to see the inside pattern which is darling.

This is another vintage piece.  A Bucket Tote in the pattern called Petal Pink.  It is pink, green and white.  I acquired this piece from Twice as well.  It is a bit worn, but the pattern is so pretty I don't mind.  I am currently using it as my Grandma bag (aka: diaper bag) when I take the boys on outings.

This is the purse I am currently carrying.  This is the Clare in Jazzy Blooms.  I like this pattern because it has so many colors it seems to go with any outfit.  And I love the Clare, it is easy to carry.  The strap is wide and comfortable and the bag feels light on my shoulder.

This is my first Clare I purchased in the pattern Priscilla Pink.  I don't know why, but for some reason I have always wanted a purse in "pink".  Well I love the color of this pink.  I watched videos on You Tube to determine which design of bag was for me.  Once I saw the Clare I knew that was it.

I also got this tote in Flower Shower.  I also bought a Cosmetic Trio and a Frannie Bag in the same pattern.  It is a nice pattern for summer & autumn.

I also got a Cosmetic Trio in the pattern, Very Berry Paisley.  This pattern has pinks, purples, white and green.  I love it!  Very Berry Paisley is a retired pattern so there is not much available.  I bought this Trio to use with my computer bag.  I put all the cords, headphones, mouse, etc. in these bags and then put them into my computer bag.

The next item I purchased was this Grand Cosmetic Case in the pattern Clemetine.  This is a very pretty pattern in colors of pink, orange, yellow, green and purple on a white ground.  I already have a Grand Cosmetic Case in Plum Crazy, but wanted another pattern.  Besides that the Grand Cosmetic Case is a wonderful piece!!  I find it extremely useful and I adore it.  Unfortunately, Vera has stopped making them.  I located this one on Amazon.

I have two more pieces of Vera on its way.  One is a Tic Tac Tote and the other is a Bucket Tote, both in the pattern Flutterby as seen below.
I am not wild about this pattern (some gals adore this pattern), but hoping I like it better in person or that it grows on me.  Anyway, I am really anxious to get the Tic Tac Tote.  Again I did a bit of research on You Tube and I think it will really be a very functional bag.  I will keep you posted.

Monday, April 20, 2015

April BUS Update

Well it is time to take stock.  To be honest I have not been wanting to do a BUS update because I have not made much progress this past month.  However, I have been staying on track.  I have been tempted to buy and stop using items and dipping into BUS and open something new.  I've resisted the temptations, so that is progress on a grand scale.

Okie dokie, the Desert Essence unscented conditioner was a flop with me.  However, the Andalou Lavender & Biotin shampoo is a hit.  I am currently using it and no longer have any shampoo or conditioner in BUS.  That is progress!

The Andalou 1000 Roses lotion is on its last.  I am impressed with Andalou and I will continue to purchase their products.  The lotion is luxurious and my skin really soaks it up.  And the smell is so soothing.  As for the other two products in the picture, I am still working on the rosewater and the soap is still on display as decoration.

The lavender bar soap in this picture is nearly used up.  Still using the liquid soap here and there.  The lavender lotion is a staple with me and is used every night.  I had to buy more of it to refill my bottle.

I am already planning on what I am going to use next.  I am leaning toward this...

A Thousand Flowers sounds good for spring.

  Then the other one I am considering is this...

The I Love Lemon Collection.
The Lemon would go in the shower (daytime)
 and the Thousand Flowers in the bath (night-time).

So that is my BUS update for April.