Friday, November 27, 2015


Yesterday was Thanksgiving day here in America.  In Colorado we had a white Thanksgiving.  Mark pulled back to curtains from our big living room window and we watched the snow fall as we snacked on bits of cheese and sliced apple. It was a good day to stay home and rest, just the two of us.  The smells of a roasting chicken in the crock-pot drifted through the house.  We enjoyed a wonderfully restful day.  I had been looking forward to a restful day as I have been feeling tired and worn out from all that I have been doing.  My son & his wife went to New Mexico to spend Thanksgiving with her family.  We will be hosting Christmas for them this year. 

As for "Black Friday" I was again a "no show".  Instead I enjoyed a nice warm bath, the comfort of my jammies, a warm blanket and a slice of caramel apple pie with hot tea.  No way I was going to battle snow and ice for a deal.  Besides, I started my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, but no where near finished.  Shopping can wait till later.

Well,  I hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day!  Most of all, I hope that you were able to tell God "Thank you!" for all that He has blessed you with.  Things may not be perfect, but Mark and I know we are blessed, our cup is overflowing.

Here I am with my son's cat, Henry, on Thanksgiving Day.

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Sherry said...

your day comes off as lovely ..
snow falling, the aroma of a chicken roasting,
cozy warmth, and your lovey.
is there anything better? i think not.