Monday, July 30, 2012

Chin Up - Keeping Calm & Carrying On

I have been enjoying the Olympics being in England.  The shots of the bicycle race going through that tunnel of green trees is gorgeous.  The shots of Big Ben and the Thames River...beautiful!  I hope someday I can go to England.  And then there is that saying that comes to mind.  You know the one...Keep calm and carry on.  Well, that is exactly what I am trying to do these days.

Things have not been going well with my son, Eric.  We found out that he is engaged.  He did not tell us, but he did post it on Facebook.  So people started to question us.  I nearly fainted when the news reached me.  Confronting him regarding this was a trip around the world.  First he said it was a hoax, then admitted they are engaged, but not even close to getting married, so therefore no date.  However, that is not stopping them from living as if married.  Over a period of weeks Eric has been increasingly angry.  There have been other things that have played out besides the engagement issue.  It is sad to say, but Eric has managed to estrange his brother and his parents.

So here I sit typing, trying to keep calm and carry on as I feel an overwhelming sense of bewilderment.  I hurt for my child.  I long to help him, but in his mind I am the cause of all his unhappiness.  I am so thankful to the Lord for daily providing me with the strength to carry on.  One of my biggest blessings is my dear husband.  I thank and praise the Lord for giving me such a wonderful blessing.  Today is our 29th wedding anniversary.  Thank you Lord for your love as shown through my blessed husband!