Tuesday, May 26, 2015

On the Road with Vera and Hubby!

Well, my Vera purchases are being put to good use.  I am on a road trip with dear hubby and Vera is carrying all my necessities.  I am using my Tic Tac Tote in Flutterby, my Flower Shower tote and my Grand Cosmetic case in Clementine.

We had the most wonderful picnic today.  We were in Glenwood Canyon at Bair Ranch Rest Area right next to the Colorado River.  It was a gorgeous day with brilliant blue sky, white puffy clouds and the soft green of spring leaves on the trees.  After our picnic we spent time resting in the sun holding hands.

Here is a picture of what the highway looks like as you travel through the canyon.  This picture is one I found on-line.  Click on the picture to get a bigger view, its gorgeous.

We got caught in the rain a couple different times.  Running around in the rain is fun.  What a joy to be carefree and enjoy God's lovely handiwork.  So blessed to have a wonderful day with my hubby.  And so blessed to have these lovely Vera bags.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

More Color!

Well, more color of the Vera Bradley kind came into my life since I last posted.  I received the Tic Tac Tote in Flutterby last week.  Somehow I was not thrilled and thought that maybe I should have picked a different pattern.  Actually, I think it is just too much purple for me, even so I like the style of the bag and can't wait to use it.

For Mother's Day my hubby was wonderful and took me to the Vera Bradley Outlet in Castle Rock.  Despite the rain, we had a wonderful day together and I so enjoyed shopping.  It was so nice to see the product in person.  I ended up getting two Little Hipster bags.  They were 50% off.  One I got in the pattern Baroque and the other in Clementine.  I also got two zip id cases, one in the pattern Baroque to match the Little Hipster bag and one in the pattern Shower Vines to match my Frannie Bag in Flower Shower.
The Little Hipster in the pattern Baroque

In the mail this week, I received a zip id case I ordered in Jazzy Blooms and a Bucket Tote in Flutterby.  The Bucket Tote in Flutterby is really cute, even my hubby likes it. 

 The Bucket Tote in Flutterby

In full addict fashion, I have three more Vera items coming.  These are the last items (at least for now - haha)  I ordered a zip id case in the pattern Clementine, which will match the Little Hipster I purchased in the same pattern.  And I also have another Clare purse coming in the pattern English Rose, which I plan to use in Autumn.  I snagged the purse on Ebay, a really great deal!  And I purchased a Bucket Tote in the retired pattern Hope Toile another great Ebay deal.

Honestly, I think I went from being a soap addict to a purse addict.  Whatever, I feel pretty well satisfied with all my purchases.  There are a few other items I would like to purchase, but those I will leave for the future.  I am content to enjoy what I have.  Actually, I probably have over done it, but I plan to have fun with it all.  If not that they will make nice gifts.  ;-)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Very Vera Bradley...

Well, I have developed an addiction to color...a Vera Bradley kind of color.  I don't know what it is about VB that once you start it seems you can't stop.  One of the nice things about the products is that they are machine washable, which is cool.  Here below is a photo journal of what I have added to my collection thus far.  Mind you I only had three Vera pieces in my collection.  One a friend gave me (a cosmetic case in Doodle Daisy) and two I bought on sale for my 2014 trip to Germany (Grand Cosmetic Bag in Plum Crazy & Computer Backpack in Tutti Frutti).  Since I am working I feel I can splurge and buy more Vera.  Woohoo!

I like vintage Vera.  So this first piece is a vintage piece.  Its a brush & pencil case (photo acquired on-line) in Hope Toile (magenta & white on a coral ground).  I acquired it from an on-line 2nd hand store called Twice.  It is lined inside making it hard to see the inside pattern which is darling.

This is another vintage piece.  A Bucket Tote in the pattern called Petal Pink.  It is pink, green and white.  I acquired this piece from Twice as well.  It is a bit worn, but the pattern is so pretty I don't mind.  I am currently using it as my Grandma bag (aka: diaper bag) when I take the boys on outings.

This is the purse I am currently carrying.  This is the Clare in Jazzy Blooms.  I like this pattern because it has so many colors it seems to go with any outfit.  And I love the Clare, it is easy to carry.  The strap is wide and comfortable and the bag feels light on my shoulder.

This is my first Clare I purchased in the pattern Priscilla Pink.  I don't know why, but for some reason I have always wanted a purse in "pink".  Well I love the color of this pink.  I watched videos on You Tube to determine which design of bag was for me.  Once I saw the Clare I knew that was it.

I also got this tote in Flower Shower.  I also bought a Cosmetic Trio and a Frannie Bag in the same pattern.  It is a nice pattern for summer & autumn.

I also got a Cosmetic Trio in the pattern, Very Berry Paisley.  This pattern has pinks, purples, white and green.  I love it!  Very Berry Paisley is a retired pattern so there is not much available.  I bought this Trio to use with my computer bag.  I put all the cords, headphones, mouse, etc. in these bags and then put them into my computer bag.

The next item I purchased was this Grand Cosmetic Case in the pattern Clemetine.  This is a very pretty pattern in colors of pink, orange, yellow, green and purple on a white ground.  I already have a Grand Cosmetic Case in Plum Crazy, but wanted another pattern.  Besides that the Grand Cosmetic Case is a wonderful piece!!  I find it extremely useful and I adore it.  Unfortunately, Vera has stopped making them.  I located this one on Amazon.

I have two more pieces of Vera on its way.  One is a Tic Tac Tote and the other is a Bucket Tote, both in the pattern Flutterby as seen below.
I am not wild about this pattern (some gals adore this pattern), but hoping I like it better in person or that it grows on me.  Anyway, I am really anxious to get the Tic Tac Tote.  Again I did a bit of research on You Tube and I think it will really be a very functional bag.  I will keep you posted.