Friday, November 15, 2013

Technology & new diet

Isn't technology great?  Sigh.  We have so many avenues of communication, but our tongues are still the same.  Unknowingly we can set fires and hurt people we do not mean to hurt.  That is why I have been away from my blog for quite awhile.

I've also been away because I was not feeling well.  Digestive pain flared up again.  My weight dropped down into the 90's.  Thankfully, I found a new way of eating called "food combining" which has helped my digestion.  I have been having less pain which is wonderful.  Finally, my body is gaining its strength back.  Surgery, stress, pain and poor digestion have taken its toll on me.  Through food combing I am making a comeback!  Also been learning that some foods touted as healthy are not really so healthy, due to GMO's.  It is important to buy organic whenever possible.  Especially in the area of meat and dairy.  As far as food is concerned, it is definitely it is a jungle out there!

Continuing on about "food combining", the principles behind food combining are as follows:  that there is a proper way to combine foods together.  One of the first rules is to not combine protein with starch.  So the typical sandwich is a no-no with food combining.  Food combining lessens gas, bloating and toxins that build up in our systems.  If you have a weak digestion as I do after all my surgeries, food combining can possibly help ease symptoms of poor digestion.  I still have pain from time to time, but with food combining it has lessened enough that it keeps me going.

Here is a website that has helped me a lot with food combining: