Monday, April 20, 2015

April BUS Update

Well it is time to take stock.  To be honest I have not been wanting to do a BUS update because I have not made much progress this past month.  However, I have been staying on track.  I have been tempted to buy and stop using items and dipping into BUS and open something new.  I've resisted the temptations, so that is progress on a grand scale.

Okie dokie, the Desert Essence unscented conditioner was a flop with me.  However, the Andalou Lavender & Biotin shampoo is a hit.  I am currently using it and no longer have any shampoo or conditioner in BUS.  That is progress!

The Andalou 1000 Roses lotion is on its last.  I am impressed with Andalou and I will continue to purchase their products.  The lotion is luxurious and my skin really soaks it up.  And the smell is so soothing.  As for the other two products in the picture, I am still working on the rosewater and the soap is still on display as decoration.

The lavender bar soap in this picture is nearly used up.  Still using the liquid soap here and there.  The lavender lotion is a staple with me and is used every night.  I had to buy more of it to refill my bottle.

I am already planning on what I am going to use next.  I am leaning toward this...

A Thousand Flowers sounds good for spring.

  Then the other one I am considering is this...

The I Love Lemon Collection.
The Lemon would go in the shower (daytime)
 and the Thousand Flowers in the bath (night-time).

So that is my BUS update for April.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fashion for Sickies

Well, how does that title grab ya?  Silly?  I like to be silly, it spices up life a bit.  Ok, for real, I have been sick.  There is some awful virus going around.  It is a tummy bug.  I felt off for awhile before the bomb dropped.  Mine hit in the middle of the night.  I woke up some hours after midnight in terrible tummy pain.  I went to the bathroom in a fog and was not sure what was going on.  Well, I ended up passing out on the bathroom floor and when I came wasn't pretty.  I had vomited while lying on my side (thank God I was on my side).  So there was puddle in front of me and my hair was in it.  Yuck!  Amazingly, I got up and began trying to be a Proverbs 31 woman.  I cleaned up the mess, but feeling weak and faint decided it was necessary to wake hubby to get myself cleaned up.

It was not a good night for either of us, as about an hour or so after the first attack, another attack hit.  Again my tummy was in a knot (with loads of scar tissue its not a good thing).  This time I did not pass out even though the pain was horrendous, but I did break out in a sweat.  Finally the heaving arrived and it was awful and violent.  Thankfully that was the last attack, but it left me weak and I was running a temp.

Its been 4 days since that lovely bout and I am feeling better, but can tell my tummy is not quite normal yet.  Today is the first day since Friday that I have not been in jammies.  So, I thought I would share how a sickie can look fashionable.  You can take it serious or let it be a joke.  Either way, I hope to put a smile on your face.

So here we go with a mini fashion show with a couple pics.  Bear with me as I am not great at taking selfies.

This is a pic of me stylin with jammies.  Jammie pants are ancient hills.  My mom in-law gave them to me and they are well loved.  They had a top to match, that was loved out the door.  So now I have begun wearing them with a simple gray tank (Faded Glory from Walmart) and posing as a robe is a vintage pink sweater from the thrift shop.  I like these fake cashmere sweaters because they are washer & dryer friendly.

This look is a day look for sickies (sorry the pic is not that great).  I am rockin Danskin exercise pants (from Walmart).  They are so comfy!  The top is from Kohl's summer top collection 2014.  I bought it on sale at the end of summer.  Anyway, it is always nice to be comfy when you are not feeling great, but don't want to look like a bum.

So that is my mini fashion show for sickies.  Hope you enjoyed it and it gave you some ideas for being fashionable while not feeling well.  Take good care ladies!  <3