Monday, April 15, 2013

Counting Down

I did not feel like posting after Brandon left.  I was worried sick.  Finally my sister was able to spend  time with Brandon and after that I was able to calm down.  This past week I heard from friends in Cali who had connected with Brandon.  They are keeping an eye on him.  Brandon called me last week and told me he has a job and is rooming with an old neighbors of ours.  The Lord has shown us his love through our sweet friends and their concern for our son.

In other news, my surgery is coming.  On April 23rd I will be having major bowel surgery.  Last year this time I had a colonoscopy and the doctor found that there is a stricture in my colon.  He thinks that there is about a foot of colon that is folded back and forth on itself.  The last few months I have had increased problems and pain.  So I am very thankful that the Lord has opened the doors for this surgery.  Although Mark and I are very afraid, we have no choice in the matter as I really cannot keep on the way I am.  The surgery will take 2 to 3 hours and I will be in the hospital 3 to 5 days, all depending on how much work is done and how my body responds.

This week I have decided to enjoy my favorite foods (as tummy allows) before my bowel prep on Monday.  After surgery I will be on a bland diet till bowel heals.  Thinking about what foods I would like to enjoy helps to ease my fears.  Instead of sitting around being scared to death, I might as well enjoy life.