Thursday, October 13, 2016

Looking at Diets/Ways of Eating

Have you heard about the "Starch Solution" diet?  Have you heard of the "Ketogenic diet?  Both diets are popular and have claims to health.  I've tried a little of both.  Haven't been a 100% follower of either, but have tried to apply them in my daily living at seperate times.

The "Ketogenic diet" is a low carb/high fat diet.  The fat has to be the right kind:  Grass-fed butter, coconut oil, olive oil, avocados & nuts.  It promotes lots of veggies and a moderate amounts of protein from eggs, meat & dairy. 

The "Starch Solution" diet is low fat/high carb.  It minimizes fat & eliminates protein and fuels the body with whole carbohydrates in the form of fruits, starchy veggies & grains.  Basically, this diet is vegan.

The Ketogenic diet says that "fat" is a better way to fuel your body.  It claims that starch is a dirty fuel and causes inflammation because it becomes sugar in your body thus causing a spike in insulin.  Where as the "starch" diet claims that humans are meant to thrive on a starch based diet as it is healing and that animal fat and protein are toxic to the body. 

As the saying goes: opposites attract?  Definitely, these diets are opposite of one another, but they do have things they agree on.  1) that we need to eat plenty of veggies and 2) that sugar & processed foods cause inflammation and need to be severely restricted or eliminated.  And there is another interesting tidbit I found in reviewing both of these diets.  The Keto diet says that sugar & fat are a lethal combo.  Since it promotes "fat" you have to eliminate sugar.  And the "Starch Solution" diet promotes the starch (which turns to sugar) and eliminates "fat".  Very interesting!

Then I have heard that you can combine the two diets.  Eat low carb/high fat for breakfast & lunch and for dinner eat carbs (potatoes, yams, whole grains).  This appeals to me as I do enjoy potatoes.  And it is my understanding that it is possible to eat starchy stuff (whole carbs) as long as you eat veggie fiber.  As the veggie fiber will trap the sugars and help slow the insulin reaction.  Then there is the 80/20 rule which says that eating healthy 80% of the time and only straying 20% is enough to keep you in the healthy zone.

Anyway, my personal revelation is still forth coming as I have more eating to do.  However, I am convinced that I do need to cut way back on sugary and refined carbs.  That will definitely be enough of a project on its own as I am very in love with hot buttered toast with jam and I can assure you that will not be leaving my diet anytime soon.  And the jury is still out on how much green stuff my bowel will tolerate.  I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Personal Update

I pray every morning that I will do His will and so I hope the course of my life is pleasing to Him.  Right now I don't have much of a social life other than children and their parents.  I am still babysitting little Abby.  She has grown more comfortable with all of us and so having her around is flowing much better.  And I am still taking care of my grandson, Everett.  He is more than a handful, but I am enjoying watching him grow.  Feel so blessed to be a part of his life.  And in another month or so I will be taking care of my new grandson, Myles.

I also serve in the nursery at our church once a month.  Only problem is that I keep getting sick after I serve, so I may have to let that go because I get set back on my household chores and I don't socialize when I am sick.  And just as I get better from one virus, another one hits so the drama keeps on going pickle style.  Then on top of that I can sometimes fall into adrenal fatigue and that causes issues with my muscles.  Easier to get pulled muscles, tendonitis or bursitis in those times.

Women's Bible study started up and so far I haven't been able to go because it keeps falling on the Saturdays that I work.  And I recently got asked to participate in mentoring young women at our church.  It sure sounded like a cool opportunity and exciting.  I talked it over with the Lord who was silent leaving me to discover I was feeling more guilt than go.  Not good.  So I consulted hubby and he was against it because he knows how busy I already am.  When it takes all my physical strength to keep going with what I am doing now it isn't wise to add more.

When I do get free time I am finding that all I want to do is be alone to think, unwind and to connect with the Lord.  I don't want to have to be anywhere or necessarily have anything to do.  I just want to be free and personally, for me, that is really healthy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How Close Are We?

How close are we to the end?  And the 2nd question in light of the first is:  How close are we to Jesus?  In an amazing sermon by Pastor Tom Hughes of 412 Church in San Jacinto, California, he talks about the final false religion.  This sermon is a must listen!

How Close Are We to the Final False Religion 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Awesome Americans

Don't you wish the nightly news would report on all the awesome Americans that are enduring tornadoes, hurricanes, torrential rain & flooding?  God bless all of you who are suffering so much.  Then there are the people who are enduring increased crime and shootings in their cities.  And others who are enduring contaminated water, job loss and declined economy.  There is so much going on in our country, so many people enduring so much and they don't get noticed.  Despite all these afflictions, Americans continue marching on.  And many Americans are helping their neighbor every single day!  Kind, friendly, helpful and loving people living and giving on a daily basis despite what is going down in their life.

But, recently I hear the new word for Americans is "deplorables"?  Really?  Are you serious?  How low can you go?  Are we supposed to think that the political dog & pony show posing as the United States campaign for president is serious?  Its more like watching Saturday Night Live, the Walking Dead and a crime show all rolled into one.  I am thinking that the real "deplorables" are the ones running our federal government.  Enough said...I'm outta here!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Autumn Already?

Autumn is definitely dancing in the breeze here in Colorado.  Usually the leaves do not start turning color till October here in the Denver area, but this year is a different story.  Here it is September and I am already starting to see yellow leaves.  We will have to travel to the mountains soon to catch the Aspens in their splendor.  The Colorado weather channel says that the leaves are already turning in the high country.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Autumn in the Colorado high country.
This is from Autumn 2013.

Since Autumn is coming I've been thinking about all the wonderful comforts of the season.  Here below I am going to list my favorites.
Warm Bread with butter & apple butter
Pumpkin muffins
Hot coffee or Chai tea
Apple cider, hot or cold
Autumn scented candles
Sunflowers & mums
Colored Leaves

Now that I've listed my favorites, what are your favorite Autumn comforts?  Leave a comment!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

"Use It Up" Update

Happy Labor Day y'all!  I can't believe it is September!  Well, being that it is a new month, its time for the "Use It Up" update.  I don't think I got through much this past month of August.  I was able to finish off the A La Maison Honeysuckle and the Thousand Flowers lotions.  Since I finished the lotions I put the soaps in storage and have moved on to other scents.  In the shower I am using lemon scented soap.  A friend gave me a bottle of South of France liquid soap in the scent lemon verbena.  Then I have my lemon scented shower gel from Germany.  Then I have a tube of Andalou Body Lotion in Citrus Verbena.  I have to say that Andalou body lotion is my favorite brand of lotion, it always smells good and feels so rich and thick, but goes on easily.  My skin always drinks it up like dessert.

In my bath I have a "green tea" theme going on.  I am using a bar of green tea soap which I really like.  It is handmade a la carte soap that I got at Whole Foods, but they don't seem to carry that brand any longer.  For lotion I am using A La Maison body lotion in the Green Tea scent.

As for purchases, I caved.  Some good things popped up at Marshal's.  Here they are pictured below:

I picked up this Autumn hand cream by "deep steep".  It is pretty spicy, but what I liked about it is the faint smell of apple.  I adore apple scented bath products as well as candles.

I also picked up this strawberry scented body wash and butter by "deep steep".  I really like the scent.  It is not overly sweet and somehow has a clean smell to it.  I look forward to using it in Spring/Summer 2017.

I also picked up this Rose Lilac soap by A La Maison.  I am pairing it with a tube of Andalou body lotion in the 1000 Roses scent.  Looking forward to using these in Spring 2017.

Here is a picture (sorry about the glare) of my bathroom where the bathtub is.  It also doubles as our guest bathroom.  I try to decorate it for the seasons.  This is the decor for Fall.  The "Love" decal is a scripture verse.  The decal is from Dollar Tree.  The sunflowers I picked up at Gordman's and the leaves in the center are from Walmart (last year).  Then I picked up towels to match at Kohl's (got them on clearance).  Really happy with how it turned out.  My daughter in-law said she always likes using the bathroom at my house because she enjoys how I change the decor with the seasons. 

By the way, that last summer event happened right on time.  I became a Grandma for the 3rd time on August 30th.  A very healthy 7 lb. boy named Myles.  Now I am going to be babysitting two boys while mommy works.  That will happen in November.  

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Feeling a bit Autumn-ish?

I am feeling it!  I've noticed that the days are getting shorter and the air is feeling a tad cooler.  And even some stores have Autumn decor out.  Granted, it is a bit early as its only the middle of August.  Hello!  We haven't even passed Labor Day!  I know, but Autumn comes earlier here in Colorado than it ever did in Southern California.  And for some reason I love Autumn, it seems to be my favorite season, so I just can't help myself.  Don't get me wrong, I have been enjoying summer, it has been fun to wear shorts, skirts and sandals because in Colorado we wear our winter clothes the greater part of the year.  Its also been wonderful to feel warm, eat frozen yogurt and drink iced beverages.  And I am still waiting on the next summer event to take place and that is the birth of our 3rd grandson!

Anyway, feeling the Autumn-ish mood, I had a rare day off and went to the mall.  Oh my goodness, I felt like a queen of leisure!  I enjoyed browsing the new decor in stores and actually bought some items.  And then that naturally led me to think about bath products.  When don't I think of soap?  So I had to stop at the Bath & Body Works to enjoy the new Autumn scents.  I can't buy their bath products anymore due to my eczema, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying smelling.  And then the candles, oh my!  I have to say, the displays were gorgeous and the new scents delightful.  So when I got home I went through my bath items in storage again, seeing if I have anything for Autumn.  Which I only have a couple items so I might be able to make a couple purchases.  Yay!

In my process of sorting things out in storage, I was able to throw a few things out.  And I was able to reflect while sorting.  I realized that I should not be so hard on myself about my purchases.  Why?  Because when I do purchase items I do it thoughtfully.  Even so, I really don't know how the items are going to work out.  Once I get the item home the story begins.  Some items work and some don't for whatever reason and I can't predict that when I buy it.  Some things I enjoy for awhile and that is okay.  Some products I buy are a trusted brand, but then I find out they changed hands and thus changed the formula.  Other brands I like have been done away with.  Sometimes I can take items back and sometimes I can't.  Even eating at a restaurant you never know if you are going to really like what you order.  So big light bulb turned on in my head that a great majority of shopping is a gamble and anything that works out great is a blessing from the Lord.  So there you go!

Well, that is the extent of my ramblings.  On an ending note, I have to reflect on the Lord.  I am so glad He made seasons.  It just goes to show how much fun He is, not to mention creative and just plain awesome.  Wishing you dear reader an amazing rest of summer as it slowly fades into Autumn.