Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Life Update

Its a new month so that means its time for an update.  October turned out to be loaded with Autumn fun.  Oh my! 

We took our grandson to the mountains to see the Autumn colors.

 Then to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin.

Then in the backyard to play in the fallen leaves.
Its definitely been a fun packed Autumn.

As for other goings on?  Well, my sweet 14-year old Dusty kitty had to have two teeth pulled.  She kept yowling through the house at night.  I finally looked up why cats yowl and it said sometimes it can be because they are in pain.  So I finally scheduled a vet appointment and at the exam it was found that her teeth needing cleaning.  Once they got in there they found it was worse.  Poor dear kitty, I feel so bad that I let her suffer so long.  Now she is eating much better and no longer yowling in the middle of the night.

And yet another going on was me dealing with my laptop.  Sigh.  The machine was being totally annoying and then all the sudden the battery would not recharge.  Once that happened more annoying things went on.  Finally the battery died and we just took it out and the machine has been fine.  My original battery lasted about 2 1/2 years.  Mark got me a new battery and it only lasted 6 months.  Anyway, I thought its time for a new laptop as I've been using mine for 3 years nonstop.  So we went out and got one of the new solid state Lenvonos.  Well, I was just beginning to like how fast and lightweight it was when IT started acting up!  It kept going dead.  So we took it back and I am just using my old laptop with it plugged in.  So that is the saga on that.  As the saying goes, "Life happens!"  ;-)