Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Girlfriend Trip

Thought I would share some pictures from a summer girlfriend trip I took in July.  It was a spur of the moment trip that my girlfriend Cindy and I took.  Our first day out we visited Vail, Colorado and toured the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. The gardens are beautiful and a nice place to enjoy a picnic lunch which we did.

Our next stop was in gorgeous Glenwood Canyon where we went on a 2 hour strenuous hike to Hanging Lake.

This picture was taken on the way up to Hanging Lake.  Gorgeous Colorado!

Here is a picture of Hanging Lake.  The water was like a precious stone.  It was crystal clear yet tinted with a blue-green.

Me and Cindy.  We made it to the top!

After our big hike it was a short drive into Glenwood Springs.  Pictured here is the muddy Colorado River.

We stayed at the historic Hotel Colorado.

Here is the gateway that leads up to the hotel courtyard.

Right across the street from the hotel is the beautiful Glenwood Hot Springs.  The pool is as long as a football field.  The water is so relaxing.

Some of the flowers around the grounds of the pool area.  Loved these deep red Hollyhocks.

While Cindy and I stayed in Glenwood Springs we enjoyed the shops and restaurants in the quaint town as well as the pool.  We also took a hike up to the cemetery where Doc Holiday is buried.

On our drive home we stopped and enjoyed some of the quaint mountain towns along the way.  We visited the town of Leadville where Cindy took me to see this lake pictured below. 

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of this gorgeous lake.

Here is a shot of the main drag.  Leadville has an old fashion feel to it with all these old buildings.

Cindy and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on our trip.  Hope you enjoyed the little picture tour of Colorado.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Surgery Date

Went to see my bowel doctor on Wednesday.  Mark and I went together.  It was a tough decision, but we decided to go ahead and have surgery.  Have scheduled it for November 13th.  We have to be at the hospital at 5 a.m.  After the appointment both Mark and I felt peace about it.  Did not have a check in our spirits.  It is a very hard thing for both of us, but we are sure that this is the Lord's path for us.  There are many things the Lord asks us to do that are difficult, but we have seen our Lord work so many miracles.  He has built up our faith and trust in Him.  Surrendering is hard, but a necessary part of obedience.  A constant striving to know Him in and through our trials and tribulations.     

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The past few days I have been under the weather.  Last week my friend Tara and I attended a baby shower in her honor.  Both of us came down sick at the same time after the shower and her precious baby boy.  The shower was hosted by a few of the mothers from the 2nd grade class she taught last school year.  Tara had me come along since I was the reading teacher.  It was good to see the kids again, however, one of them was slightly sick.  Unfortunately, it was passed along.  So sad to see Tara's baby sick with his first cold.  Poor little guy!

As you know when we are sick it is good to drink lots of water.  Sometimes plain water is not that tasty.  So I added some slices of lemon & cucumber.  Very refreshing and healthy too.  Some sliced strawberries as a treat provide vitamin C.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Best

This morning Mark and I went to church.  Brandon did not come as he works Sunday mornings, but Eric surprised us this morning.  He came to church!  He came alone and we were happy to see him.  We had our guard up a bit (as is still necessary...sigh), but at least I was able to hug him and tell him I love him.  Things have not changed too much in his world, but so happy to have him at church.

Life continues on at a bit slower pace for me these days.  It is nice that I have been able to take a nap here and there.  Sometimes I get a feeling that life is lighter.  It is a great feeling!  There is more room for what I want to do.  Pretty soon I will have to rediscover myself.  Would like to get my creative juices flowing again, maybe a part-time job too.  I'll see what the Lord has for me.

This Wednesday I have a consult appointment with my bowel doctor.  Going to ask questions about surgery and try to set a date.  Friends at church are encouraging me to move forward.  Everyone knows I have been suffering for a long time.  It will be 4 years in mid October.

Soon Mark will be going on his business trip to Germany.  He will be gone for 2 weeks!  Please pray that my health will be stable while he is away.  I tend to worry about such things.  After he gets back from Germany he will be home for about 6 days and then he will leave for Canada for a week.  Sigh.  Then there is the possibility of him traveling to Asia in November, but still waiting for confirmation.  I hope he doesn't go, but that is in the Lord's hands. 


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sunflowers on my Mind

You may notice that I have changed the name of my blog.  I am operating through a fog these days, but trying to hang with the Lord through all.  Some days I am fine and then other days I drag.  Anyway, I just started thinking about the sunflower and how it follows the sun.  And so that is what I strive to do myself...follow the Son (Jesus).

I have not been in contact with Eric for a few weeks now.  He did come by the house to pay his brother some money he owed.  He handed Brandon the money, no words spoken and left.  His father called him one day to invite him to an Eagle ceremony for a friend of his.  He barely spoke to Mark and told him he would not be coming to the ceremony.  It is heartbreaking that he has chosen to push us out of his life.  He has also been drifting in and out of jobs.  Through all of this I have chosen to continue on with my Lord.  I want Him to have first place in my heart.  He is the only one who can heal my broken heart.

Been reading the book "So Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy!" by Barbara Johnson.  Barbara says "Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional."  Her book is like a balm I apply to my broken heart.  When I feel that I can't take the pain...I open Barbara's book and start reading.  Thank you Lord for Barbara!!!

This week I took a step out in faith.  I have scheduled an appointment with my bowel doctor.  Going to set a date for surgery.  I am experiencing increasing difficulties with my tummy, so it is time to step out and believe my Lord for a miracle.  Prayers are appreciated.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster

Been riding the emotional roller coaster.  One weekend Eric came by to visit and I had to ask him to leave as he got too angry.  I have noticed that his girlfriend is alienating him from those who care for him.  Eric did not like my observation and therefore was very angry with me.   I spent the last week praying and sulking.  There were a few things that the Lord used to lift me out of the blues.  Lunch with a girlfriend and a beautiful summer evening wedding at an old mansion in downtown Denver.  Then on Saturday we attended a picnic in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado.  Always so thankful to the Lord for blessing me with beauty.  Sunday afternoon Eric called.  Although, he still is not being honest, we are pleased that he wants to maintain some form of relationship and contact.

We have a new addition to our family.  A friend of mine who just had a baby, gifted me with her beloved guinea pig named Snowy.  My friend used to teach, but now that the baby has come she is staying home.  She used to have Snowy in the classroom for the kids on Fridays.  There is a chance that Snowy may go back once the baby is sleeping through the night.  Just have to see.  Until then, the kitties, well, they are learning to share their domain with a pig.  Dusty is fine with Snowy, they touched noses the first day they met.  Daisy however, being only 2 years old, wants to play.