Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Best

This morning Mark and I went to church.  Brandon did not come as he works Sunday mornings, but Eric surprised us this morning.  He came to church!  He came alone and we were happy to see him.  We had our guard up a bit (as is still necessary...sigh), but at least I was able to hug him and tell him I love him.  Things have not changed too much in his world, but so happy to have him at church.

Life continues on at a bit slower pace for me these days.  It is nice that I have been able to take a nap here and there.  Sometimes I get a feeling that life is lighter.  It is a great feeling!  There is more room for what I want to do.  Pretty soon I will have to rediscover myself.  Would like to get my creative juices flowing again, maybe a part-time job too.  I'll see what the Lord has for me.

This Wednesday I have a consult appointment with my bowel doctor.  Going to ask questions about surgery and try to set a date.  Friends at church are encouraging me to move forward.  Everyone knows I have been suffering for a long time.  It will be 4 years in mid October.

Soon Mark will be going on his business trip to Germany.  He will be gone for 2 weeks!  Please pray that my health will be stable while he is away.  I tend to worry about such things.  After he gets back from Germany he will be home for about 6 days and then he will leave for Canada for a week.  Sigh.  Then there is the possibility of him traveling to Asia in November, but still waiting for confirmation.  I hope he doesn't go, but that is in the Lord's hands. 


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