Monday, June 25, 2012

Nest is Emptying

It was the afternoon of Father's Day when Eric came home and decided to move out.  He packed up a number of things and left in a rush.  The next day he was back moving his bed out and various other items that Brandon and I had packed up for him.  For those of us left at home it was heartbreaking.

A number of things have been going down the past few months and not all of it good.  It all started with the addition of a new girlfriend.  Relations became increasingly strained and it seemed as if Eric was slipping into a black hole.  We all tried to pull him out, but the black hole won.  He is now living with his girlfriend (of 2 months) in her parents home.  I've heard from him via text messaging, but our communication is very limited.

Friends and family are questioning Eric's behavior as he doesn't seem like his usual self.  Since he is 18 there is not much we can do.  But we can pray.  If you feel led to pray, it would be much appreciated.   

Monday, June 4, 2012

Kindhearted Women

A kindhearted woman gains respect.  Proverbs 11:16

The Lord has blessed my life in many ways.  Everyday that is true, but there are some days when I choose not to see it that way.  It usually happens when I fix my eyes on my trials & tribulations.  Remember the story of Jesus walking on the water?  Peter wanted to walk on the water too, but the minute he fixed his eyes on the waves, he began to sink.  How do we keep from sinking?  By fixing our eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. And what is it that Jesus said we should do?  He said that we should wash each others feet.  We should come along side someone else that is struggling. Bear each others burdens, be a servant.

Since moving to Colorado, the Lord has opened doors to several friendships.  I have some amazing ladies in my life.  First there is Colette.  She and her husband are having money troubles, so they are having to sell their house of 15 years.  The fixing and packing has been overwhelming for her.  Second is my friend Bonnie, who lost her job and has a son that has been mixed up in drugs.  Third is my friend Tara who is an amazing school teacher. Sometimes all the rules and regulations of teaching had her bogged down.  And last, but not least, my friend Cindy who has been helping her husband with the struggles of his business.  All these women have their trials & tribulations.  All of them call out to the Lord for help.  What amazes me is that the Lord uses little old me to answer some of their prayers.

For instances, Bonnie prayed and asked the Lord for someone to go with her to visit her son in jail.  And the Lord laid it on my heart to tell her I would go with her.  Colette needed someone to help with her overgrown garden and when I stopped by for a visit we weeded it together.  Tara needed someone to spend individual time with each student reading and the Lord picked me.  And Cindy was in need of a friend to give her encouragement which the Lord has graciously allowed me to do.  I have to tell you, my cup is overflowing!!

Oh what a blessed God we serve, who uses us to lift others out of the waves of despair and at the same time lifts me.  Being a kindhearted woman is the best job in the world!

"When God blesses you, He rarely has you in mind." ~E. V. Hill

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Graduate...

This is my son Eric on his graduation day.  Not sure what he will do next.  Right now he is working as a bouncer for Jump Street, which is an indoor trampoline facility.  He recently had a review and got a good rating.  He got a raise and promotion.  He had an interview for a welding position.  Waiting to hear if he got the job.  We don't see much of Eric these days.  He is spending most of his free time with his girlfriend and working on the truck they bought together.  I've been shedding some tears...letting our children fly away from the nest is tough.