Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let's Give it the Boot!

This  morning I was jazzed because I was able to walk without my wrap and almost without a limp!!  However, I am not able to do too much of that yet.  Still need the wrap and boot yet.  It just encouraged me...that I am going to heal.

Here is my boot.  I've learned to love this thing because it enables me to get around. However,  Mark and the boys say I sound like a peg leg walking around the house.  I feel like a peg leg pirate!

Above is just one section of our fence that blew down in the wind storm. Really, I'd like to give wind storms the boot! ;-)

Monday, February 27, 2012


I hope that you like the new look of the blog.  I was trying to come up with something different from House on the Hill, but after numerous hours at the computer, I just couldn't come up with anything that suited me better.

Well, I am happy to report that I am feeling better today.  The last couple of nights I was able to fall asleep with ease and stay asleep.  Still have some congestion and a cough, but the body aches are gone and I am feeling stronger.  As for the ankle, well, it still needs a boot because wearing a shoe hurts too much.  If I am just resting around the house, then I just wear my ankle wrap.  The bruising did a color change last week from purple, black & blue to the green & yellow stage.  It is still clearing this week.  And still have to pop Advil here and there for pain.  Poor ankle is slightly swollen at the end of the day as well as the bottom of my foot.  At the end of this week it will be 3 weeks since I injured it.  It is a bad sprain and I just pray that eventually it will heal and I won't have a permanent limp.   

As for Big Yellow Cottage, last week we had a nasty windstorm pass through.  Immediately after the windstorm was done it began to snow.  The wind cause quite a bit of damage, but fortunately for us, our new roof was put on before the storm came.  That was great news because we updated our shingles to high impact which can sustain winds up to 100 mph.  Anyway, continuing on about the damage.  Two sections of our fence in the backyard blew down.  It was so strong that we laid our BBQ on the deck and the wind pushed it off along with our patio furniture.  Also, one of the plastic domes that was over the basement window well was lifted and thrown over the house.  We did not know what had happened to it until today when we found pieces of it under the melted snow.  A piece of that dome also put a hole in one of our window screens.  Colorado does not have termites and it doesn't have fleas, but boy does it have nasty weather!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Unexpected Rest

Well, in my last post I talked about getting some rest.  Well, that did not come about the way I thought.  Instead both Mark and I came down with the flu.  We did not get out of our jammies for 3 days.  Today is the first day that I got dressed and went outside the house, only because we needed more kleenex.  I think we are over the worst of it, but still dealing with congestion and weakness.  

Monday, February 20, 2012


It seems I have been so busy for so long.  This week a couple things that are usually on the scheduled are off this week.  I probably won't get anything extra accomplished, but I am looking forward to some much needed rest.  Certainly, the location of Big Yellow Cottage invites rest. Below is a picture taken in our backyard by Mark.  Next to the tree is the wild bunny that lives on our property.  We also have birds and squirrels that like to visit our yard.  Their appearance makes it feel like we live in a park. 

I am happy to say that I finally got through a great deal of my ironing which was piled up in the spare bedroom (which we call the Red Room).  I am usually pretty good at getting clothes ironed, but tableclothes and placemats not so good.  I have had some items sitting in a laundry basket since December and I am happy to report that I finally got them ironed and put away.  Whew!  Vacuuming has fallen behind due to the confines of the boot.  I've been in it 1 week now and have another week to go.  My foot improves a little bit each day.  However, there were a few days in there that I felt improvement was moving much too slow.  Especially when one would like to enjoy a walk in the park or just grocery shop without pain.  For the most part I am just glad that I can walk.  :-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I have color!

Last week I fell down the stairs in our house and sprained my foot.  Praise God I did not hurt my ankle, just underneath it.  Been wearing an ACE bandage and a boot.  It is feeling much better, but still need to take things easy.  I am not very good at that, which I am sure I inherited that trait from my Grandfather.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Snows

Last Thursday night it began snowing and it snowed all day Friday and into Saturday morning.  Above is a picture of the stairs leading up to our front door on Friday evening.  We shoveled about a foot of snow off the driveway on Friday morning.  Then we shoveled another 6 inches or more by evening.  We all pitched in.  It was a good work-out for all of us.

Sunday was nice and sunny, but cold with all the snow piled around.  The sun was warm enough that the streets melted off real nice, not much ice at all.  But today was cloudy and cold.  Not much melting going on so the snow is going to stay piled high for awhile yet.

The good news is both my boys have jobs right now.  We are so blessed that they are working.  Brandon works for Liberty Tax doing advertising (sign spinner).  Eric has a job at an indoor trampoline place called Jump Street.  I am so proud of both of them.