Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Snows

Last Thursday night it began snowing and it snowed all day Friday and into Saturday morning.  Above is a picture of the stairs leading up to our front door on Friday evening.  We shoveled about a foot of snow off the driveway on Friday morning.  Then we shoveled another 6 inches or more by evening.  We all pitched in.  It was a good work-out for all of us.

Sunday was nice and sunny, but cold with all the snow piled around.  The sun was warm enough that the streets melted off real nice, not much ice at all.  But today was cloudy and cold.  Not much melting going on so the snow is going to stay piled high for awhile yet.

The good news is both my boys have jobs right now.  We are so blessed that they are working.  Brandon works for Liberty Tax doing advertising (sign spinner).  Eric has a job at an indoor trampoline place called Jump Street.  I am so proud of both of them. 

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