Friday, August 22, 2014

Secondary Infection

Well, the rash began to be very angry, itchy, painful and spreading.  I was losing sleep.  So I went to the doctor and found out my rash had turned into a secondary infection.  So I am taking antibiotic and it is helping tremendously.  No make-up, just au naturel.  The doctor recommended that I use Cetaphil, so I am currently using the sensitive skin bar to cleanse my face.

As for the Use-up BUS, I am still working on the Pacifica coconut body wash & butter.  Been using the Kiss My Face Peaches & Cream lotion.  Using it on my arms & face.  Love it!  Went through one bag of the lavendar epson salts by Dr. Teal's and on to my next.  Using up a peppermint-plum foot scrub and lavender liquid soap by EO.  Since all this trouble with my skin, I am realizing what a blessing it is to have healthy skin.  But not only that, I am also realizing that I really need to rethink my beauty routine.  So maybe future posts on that.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stress & Beauty

Okay, so recently life has been stressful, so stressful that it has taken a toll on my body.  I broke out in a rash on my face and due to the kind of rash it is I have suspended using my Pacifica facial products as they were too moisturizing.  The rash needs to remain dry to heal.  I also broke out in bumps on my elbows and in a quest to treat them I purchased Kiss My Face Peaches and Cream lotion with alpha-hydroxy.  I really like the Kiss My Face Peaches & Cream lotion, it smells wonderful, is thick and creamy, but yet light.  Its just a really nice lotion and not overly expensive.  Its nice when life's mishaps help you branch out and try new products and you find a treasure.

To cover the rash on my face I recently purchased a foundation make-up by Pur which I got at Kohl's.  It is pricey, but I was sold on it when I was able to test it.  I sampled it at Kohl's and went on to wear the foundation all day.  When it did not irritate my skin I went out and bought a bottle the next day.  They say it works best with the primer, but I put it on with the cream I am using on my rash and on the rest of my skin I use the above peaches & cream lotion and it works just fine.  It says it lasts 14 hours, well so far I have no complaints, it really does last.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Use-up BUS Update & Age

Well, I am still riding the BUS and I am happy to report I am still using my Pacifica coconut body wash and body butter.  I am proud of myself for hanging in there.  The body wash is about halfway finished and the tube of  body butter is feeling lighter.  I have to say the body butter is very good quality and my skin soaks it up.

There are a few products that I neglected to add to my list.  I have two bathrooms upstairs.  One has a shower and the other has a bathtub.  In my bathroom with the tub, I have some lavender products I use to help me get ready for bed.  First is Dr. Teal's Lavender Bubble Bath, next is Dr. Teal's Epson Salts in Lavender scent.  It depends what my needs are as to which one I use for my nightly soak.  Also have some EO hand soap in Lavender and then Vitamin C Revitalizing Face Wash by Avalon.  I usually have no problem using up the Dr. Teal's products so saw no need to add them to the list.  But I did get the EO lavender hand soap out of  BUS.

Now on to new face products I am trying.  In my bathtub I am trying Avalon Vitamin C Revitalizing face wash.  All I can say right now is that I like the citrus smell and it removes make-up well.  It does seem a bit harsh & drying to me.  So afterward I moisturize with Aloe Soothing Day Cream by the Body Shop which has a cooling & soothing feeling that I enjoy.  In the morning I take a shower and have been using Pacifica's Sea Foam face wash.  It is a gel that smells like coconut milk and feels very gentle on my face.  I've tried it at night before and it also removes make-up well and I only need a dab to get the job done.  After using that I use Pacifica's Dreamy Youth day & night face cream which is light and absorbs well.

As for age & beauty, I recently came across an article about a beautiful 63-year old model named Cindy Joseph.  In the interview I read on-line she said these encouraging words:  "I do not accept my age — I celebrate it! I wear my wrinkles, silver hair, and age spots as medals of honor. Life and beauty is all what you make it. That is what attractiveness and aging gracefully is all about. Enjoy it!" You can read the on-line article & see pictures by clicking here:  Cindy Joseph