Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stress & Beauty

Okay, so recently life has been stressful, so stressful that it has taken a toll on my body.  I broke out in a rash on my face and due to the kind of rash it is I have suspended using my Pacifica facial products as they were too moisturizing.  The rash needs to remain dry to heal.  I also broke out in bumps on my elbows and in a quest to treat them I purchased Kiss My Face Peaches and Cream lotion with alpha-hydroxy.  I really like the Kiss My Face Peaches & Cream lotion, it smells wonderful, is thick and creamy, but yet light.  Its just a really nice lotion and not overly expensive.  Its nice when life's mishaps help you branch out and try new products and you find a treasure.

To cover the rash on my face I recently purchased a foundation make-up by Pur which I got at Kohl's.  It is pricey, but I was sold on it when I was able to test it.  I sampled it at Kohl's and went on to wear the foundation all day.  When it did not irritate my skin I went out and bought a bottle the next day.  They say it works best with the primer, but I put it on with the cream I am using on my rash and on the rest of my skin I use the above peaches & cream lotion and it works just fine.  It says it lasts 14 hours, well so far I have no complaints, it really does last.

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