Friday, August 22, 2014

Secondary Infection

Well, the rash began to be very angry, itchy, painful and spreading.  I was losing sleep.  So I went to the doctor and found out my rash had turned into a secondary infection.  So I am taking antibiotic and it is helping tremendously.  No make-up, just au naturel.  The doctor recommended that I use Cetaphil, so I am currently using the sensitive skin bar to cleanse my face.

As for the Use-up BUS, I am still working on the Pacifica coconut body wash & butter.  Been using the Kiss My Face Peaches & Cream lotion.  Using it on my arms & face.  Love it!  Went through one bag of the lavendar epson salts by Dr. Teal's and on to my next.  Using up a peppermint-plum foot scrub and lavender liquid soap by EO.  Since all this trouble with my skin, I am realizing what a blessing it is to have healthy skin.  But not only that, I am also realizing that I really need to rethink my beauty routine.  So maybe future posts on that.

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