Monday, September 1, 2014

Skin Problems Continue

Well, the skin infection cleared up on my face.  I was taking things slow and doing well.  I finally made a date with a girlfriend for Friday.  While out with my girlfriend, my daughter in-law called and wanted me to watch my grandson.  So after my time with my girlfriend I went and got my grandson.  Had a wonderful day with him, but at the end of my day I noticed my face was not feeling good.  I looked in the mirror and that rash was back and moving fast.  Thankfully I had some antibiotic left and I started taking it again.  I began taking it Saturday morning.  Its now Monday morning and my face is beginning to see improvement.  Of course I need to get into to see my PC because obviously this is going to be an ongoing problem.  Just keep praying that I will be healed, its really scary.

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