Saturday, October 18, 2014

BUS Update

Well, another soap and lotion empty.  Feels so good to use things up!  Now I am on to a couple items from my Vanilla collection.

The Vanilla Collection
I gifted 2 items from this collection (the Vanilla Mint Softsoap & the Gud Vanilla Body Wash).  The Gud Vanilla Body spray was practically empty so I let it go.  I am currently using the Hugo Orange-Vanilla shampoo and the Hugo lotion in the same scent.  I am also using the Jason Vanilla Body lotion.  The only one that is still in BUS is the Hugo Orange-Vanilla hand soap.

Rosemary Mint Collection
I am currently using these also.  I am nearly done with the lotion.  Its down low enough that I can't pump anymore out of it simply because the tube inside won't suck up the rest of the lotion that's in there.  As for the soap, I have used 2/3 of it and have a 1/3 left to go.