Thursday, October 13, 2016

Looking at Diets/Ways of Eating

Have you heard about the "Starch Solution" diet?  Have you heard of the "Ketogenic diet?  Both diets are popular and have claims to health.  I've tried a little of both.  Haven't been a 100% follower of either, but have tried to apply them in my daily living at seperate times.

The "Ketogenic diet" is a low carb/high fat diet.  The fat has to be the right kind:  Grass-fed butter, coconut oil, olive oil, avocados & nuts.  It promotes lots of veggies and a moderate amounts of protein from eggs, meat & dairy. 

The "Starch Solution" diet is low fat/high carb.  It minimizes fat & eliminates protein and fuels the body with whole carbohydrates in the form of fruits, starchy veggies & grains.  Basically, this diet is vegan.

The Ketogenic diet says that "fat" is a better way to fuel your body.  It claims that starch is a dirty fuel and causes inflammation because it becomes sugar in your body thus causing a spike in insulin.  Where as the "starch" diet claims that humans are meant to thrive on a starch based diet as it is healing and that animal fat and protein are toxic to the body. 

As the saying goes: opposites attract?  Definitely, these diets are opposite of one another, but they do have things they agree on.  1) that we need to eat plenty of veggies and 2) that sugar & processed foods cause inflammation and need to be severely restricted or eliminated.  And there is another interesting tidbit I found in reviewing both of these diets.  The Keto diet says that sugar & fat are a lethal combo.  Since it promotes "fat" you have to eliminate sugar.  And the "Starch Solution" diet promotes the starch (which turns to sugar) and eliminates "fat".  Very interesting!

Then I have heard that you can combine the two diets.  Eat low carb/high fat for breakfast & lunch and for dinner eat carbs (potatoes, yams, whole grains).  This appeals to me as I do enjoy potatoes.  And it is my understanding that it is possible to eat starchy stuff (whole carbs) as long as you eat veggie fiber.  As the veggie fiber will trap the sugars and help slow the insulin reaction.  Then there is the 80/20 rule which says that eating healthy 80% of the time and only straying 20% is enough to keep you in the healthy zone.

Anyway, my personal revelation is still forth coming as I have more eating to do.  However, I am convinced that I do need to cut way back on sugary and refined carbs.  That will definitely be enough of a project on its own as I am very in love with hot buttered toast with jam and I can assure you that will not be leaving my diet anytime soon.  And the jury is still out on how much green stuff my bowel will tolerate.  I will keep you posted.