Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Girlfriend Trip

Thought I would share some pictures from a summer girlfriend trip I took in July.  It was a spur of the moment trip that my girlfriend Cindy and I took.  Our first day out we visited Vail, Colorado and toured the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. The gardens are beautiful and a nice place to enjoy a picnic lunch which we did.

Our next stop was in gorgeous Glenwood Canyon where we went on a 2 hour strenuous hike to Hanging Lake.

This picture was taken on the way up to Hanging Lake.  Gorgeous Colorado!

Here is a picture of Hanging Lake.  The water was like a precious stone.  It was crystal clear yet tinted with a blue-green.

Me and Cindy.  We made it to the top!

After our big hike it was a short drive into Glenwood Springs.  Pictured here is the muddy Colorado River.

We stayed at the historic Hotel Colorado.

Here is the gateway that leads up to the hotel courtyard.

Right across the street from the hotel is the beautiful Glenwood Hot Springs.  The pool is as long as a football field.  The water is so relaxing.

Some of the flowers around the grounds of the pool area.  Loved these deep red Hollyhocks.

While Cindy and I stayed in Glenwood Springs we enjoyed the shops and restaurants in the quaint town as well as the pool.  We also took a hike up to the cemetery where Doc Holiday is buried.

On our drive home we stopped and enjoyed some of the quaint mountain towns along the way.  We visited the town of Leadville where Cindy took me to see this lake pictured below. 

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of this gorgeous lake.

Here is a shot of the main drag.  Leadville has an old fashion feel to it with all these old buildings.

Cindy and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on our trip.  Hope you enjoyed the little picture tour of Colorado.

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