Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fashion for Sickies

Well, how does that title grab ya?  Silly?  I like to be silly, it spices up life a bit.  Ok, for real, I have been sick.  There is some awful virus going around.  It is a tummy bug.  I felt off for awhile before the bomb dropped.  Mine hit in the middle of the night.  I woke up some hours after midnight in terrible tummy pain.  I went to the bathroom in a fog and was not sure what was going on.  Well, I ended up passing out on the bathroom floor and when I came too...it wasn't pretty.  I had vomited while lying on my side (thank God I was on my side).  So there was puddle in front of me and my hair was in it.  Yuck!  Amazingly, I got up and began trying to be a Proverbs 31 woman.  I cleaned up the mess, but feeling weak and faint decided it was necessary to wake hubby to get myself cleaned up.

It was not a good night for either of us, as about an hour or so after the first attack, another attack hit.  Again my tummy was in a knot (with loads of scar tissue its not a good thing).  This time I did not pass out even though the pain was horrendous, but I did break out in a sweat.  Finally the heaving arrived and it was awful and violent.  Thankfully that was the last attack, but it left me weak and I was running a temp.

Its been 4 days since that lovely bout and I am feeling better, but can tell my tummy is not quite normal yet.  Today is the first day since Friday that I have not been in jammies.  So, I thought I would share how a sickie can look fashionable.  You can take it serious or let it be a joke.  Either way, I hope to put a smile on your face.

So here we go with a mini fashion show with a couple pics.  Bear with me as I am not great at taking selfies.

This is a pic of me stylin with jammies.  Jammie pants are ancient hills.  My mom in-law gave them to me and they are well loved.  They had a top to match, that was loved out the door.  So now I have begun wearing them with a simple gray tank (Faded Glory from Walmart) and posing as a robe is a vintage pink sweater from the thrift shop.  I like these fake cashmere sweaters because they are washer & dryer friendly.

This look is a day look for sickies (sorry the pic is not that great).  I am rockin Danskin exercise pants (from Walmart).  They are so comfy!  The top is from Kohl's summer top collection 2014.  I bought it on sale at the end of summer.  Anyway, it is always nice to be comfy when you are not feeling great, but don't want to look like a bum.

So that is my mini fashion show for sickies.  Hope you enjoyed it and it gave you some ideas for being fashionable while not feeling well.  Take good care ladies!  <3

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