Thursday, March 26, 2015


Happy Spring!  Here in Colorado the trees are still bare, but there are buds getting ready to open.  My bulbs have sprung and I have bright yellow daffodils in the flower bed.  They are so cheerful after a cold winter.  This week we had a wet heavy snow.  It was a good watering for the flowers, trees and grass.

I recently did some thrifting and came across some good finds.  I found a mug and a boho style silk blouse both from Anthropologie.  The blouse was $3.00 and the mug was a $1.49.  Such a steal!  Here below is a picture of the mug.

I have the mug on a thrifted Noritake china saucer. 

Now on to cleaning!  Which spring brings to mind "Spring Cleaning".  In honor of  "spring cleaning" I have a tip that you can use all year.  Did you know that veggie washes have more uses than just washing your veggies?  I use the veggie wash product called "Fit" (but Veggie Wash works too).  I spray Fit on the inside of my mugs after drinking coffee or tea and let it sit a bit, then hand wash with a scrubby in sudsy water.  Doing this will keep the inside of your mugs looking new.  I also use Fit on my wooden cutting boards to eliminate berry stains, beet stains, etc.  I spray the Fit on the stains and then scrub the stain with a scrubby.  Wipe with a sponge or paper towel and walla the stain is gone!

My birthday is on the first day of spring.  This year its birthday #54.  Can't believe it!  Our spirit stays young, but our body, well that is what ages.  I wonder what year #54 has in store?  Well, already I have stories to tell.  One of them is my birthday celebration with my daycare clients.

They took me to Benihana's for my birthday.  I had never been before.  We had a lovely time.  What darlings they all are!  And there is sweet little Isaac, he is such a good boy and I love taking care of him.  So thankful to God for the blessing of these beautiful souls in my life.

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