Tuesday, March 10, 2015

BUS Update

Hello!  Time for my Back-up Storage (BUS) update.  Not a whole lot to report I don't think, but lets get into it.

Okay, I got this Desert Essence Unscented conditioner out of BUS and was using it.  Unfortunately, it is not a good fit for my hair.  Hate when that happens, but you don't know until you try.  So I ditched the conditioner and went out and bought another bottle of the Kiss My Face Everyday Conditioner (love it).

Okay, I am currently using the soap pictured here which is made by The Bubbly Soap Co. and the lotion in the blue bottle is Whole Foods brand lavender lotion (I put the lotion in a recycled bottle).  The lotion is nearly done and the soap is probably at the halfway mark.  My daughter in-law used some of the Ala Maison liquid lavender aloe soap (smells good) when she came over one day (she got it out of BUS).  So since she opened it I have used it a couple times myself.

I am nearly done with the Andalou rose lotion pictured here.  It is thick & creamy and my skin loves it.  Still working on the rosewater spray.  And the Ala Maison bar soap remains unopened.  Currently using it as decoration in my master bath.  I went ahead and bought another tube of the Andalou rose lotion on sale.  I know I will be using it as I still have a lot of EO Rose-Chamomile body wash to use up yet.

So that is my BUS update.  Been doing fairly well at not buying anymore products, just a couple.  So far I am really impressed with Andalou products, so I will probably be trying out other products in their line when I have the chance.  But until then, I am looking forward to using something up so I can start using my lemon collection.

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