Monday, April 20, 2015

April BUS Update

Well it is time to take stock.  To be honest I have not been wanting to do a BUS update because I have not made much progress this past month.  However, I have been staying on track.  I have been tempted to buy and stop using items and dipping into BUS and open something new.  I've resisted the temptations, so that is progress on a grand scale.

Okie dokie, the Desert Essence unscented conditioner was a flop with me.  However, the Andalou Lavender & Biotin shampoo is a hit.  I am currently using it and no longer have any shampoo or conditioner in BUS.  That is progress!

The Andalou 1000 Roses lotion is on its last.  I am impressed with Andalou and I will continue to purchase their products.  The lotion is luxurious and my skin really soaks it up.  And the smell is so soothing.  As for the other two products in the picture, I am still working on the rosewater and the soap is still on display as decoration.

The lavender bar soap in this picture is nearly used up.  Still using the liquid soap here and there.  The lavender lotion is a staple with me and is used every night.  I had to buy more of it to refill my bottle.

I am already planning on what I am going to use next.  I am leaning toward this...

A Thousand Flowers sounds good for spring.

  Then the other one I am considering is this...

The I Love Lemon Collection.
The Lemon would go in the shower (daytime)
 and the Thousand Flowers in the bath (night-time).

So that is my BUS update for April.


Sherry said...

admitting to ignorance......
what is BUS?

Becky said...

Hi there dear one! BUS stands for "Back Up Storage". BUS is a journey it using up what I have purchased, not buying more because I have enough and being content with what I have.

Sherry said...

i had a feeling that's what you were doing (i could do that myself!!) but wasn't for sure. good for you! smart lady..