Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Are you Awake?

Speaking as a follower of Jesus Christ, I have to ask:  Are you feeling a heaviness in your spirit these days?  Is your soul vexed?  If your answer is "yes", bless God you are alive!  If not, then I encourage you to wake up and look around.  Things are not what they may seem.  The tide has turned and the "soon" return of Christ is drawing nearer everyday.  I've had to wake up myself and ask Jesus for salve for my eyes so that I might see.  One thing that really touched my heart this past Sunday is news from the Temple Institute in Israel.  They have released the plans for the 3rd temple!  The building of the 3rd temple is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy and a sign that I have been looking for.  As I watched the video tears ran down my face in realization that Jesus is really coming. 

Here below I am leaving a few links to terrific men & women of God that are telling it like it is and dealing with issues that are facing the body of Christ.  It has been such a comfort to listen to these dear souls of God.  I hope you will find comfort in their message as I have.

Fellowship Bible Chapel:
Pastor John Haller does a prophecy update every Sunday.

Calvary Chapel in Hawaii - Pastor JD Farag:
Pastor JD is so very dear, a blessed man of God.  He does prophecy updates every Sunday.

Jan Markell - Olive Tree Ministries:
Jan is a very solid woman of God.  She has a weekly radio show.  Check out the archives.

Love for the Truth Radio - Cindy Hartline:
Cindy's weekly radio program is an eye opener.

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Susan said...

Yes, the Temple Institute is a wonderful place! I feel blessed to have visited it on a trip to Israel in 1996. You're right that it does feel like a corner has been turned in our nation for sure, and the world too. Blessings to you ...