Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Challenge - Using up Beauty Products

Hello friends!  As I mentioned in a previous post I have been hanging out on You Tube.  One of the dear ladies that I follow on You Tube has a blog here on Blogger.  Her name is Elle and she has started the Use-up BUS (BUS = Back-up Storage).  It is all about using up our beauty products.  I am so excited to join the Use-up BUS and thought I would extend this invite to you as well.  Here is a link to Elle's blog to get a better idea of what I am trying to explain:  Elle is for Living

My downfall is bar soaps, body washes and lotions.  I have way too many.  I tend to swap out my products according to the season.  So I will pull things out of back-up storage or even buy new product before I have finished what I am currently using.  Currently, I am trying to not buy anymore soap products till I get my stock to a more manageable level.

The newest soap buzz going on at our house is "castile soap".  Mark has gotten me on the bandwagon.  However, before I can fully embrace our new castile buzz, I need to finish up all my products and resist the temptation to buy more.  Here below I have taken pics of all my products I need to use up.

These are my new bar soaps.  The green soap is peppermint and was given to me by a friend.  The pink soap is Grace by Philosophy which was also from a friend.  The soap in the sheer bag is also from a friend, it is Plumeria soap from Hawaii.  I have two bars of the Cleopatra soap.  I bought it at a cosmetic store in Germany.  The soap is made in Paris, France and has a floral perfume-like smell which is heavenly.  The Hydro soap is made in Germany.  It was provided in one of our hotel rooms.  It has a nice periwinkle color and a very pleasant smell.  In the background is another soap from Germany.  It is a sheep soap scented with Edelweiss.

This is my collection of Gud body products by Burt's Bees.  This is the Cherry Blossom scent.  I have two lotions.  One is almost gone which I used with the body spray.  A friend gave me another of the lotions for my birthday.  So knowing I had lotion to use up along with body spray, I went ahead and bought the matching body wash when I found it on sale.

This is product that I have partially used up.  I am not motivated to use this one as the scent is not my favorite.  Its Grapefruit Mint.

More product that I need to use up. I like to match my soap & lotion to get a layering of scent, which helps with lasting power.  Also, I really love the Ala Maison French soap.  The Rosemary Mint scent is a favorite.

Still more product to use up.  This one I was keen on last autumn.  Ala Maison again this time in White Tea.  Love this scent!

Okay, on to new product in back-up storage.  This is my "I Love Citrus" collection.  The tube of lemon body wash I bought in Germany and it smells like a lemon drop.  The lemon scented deodorant is from Germany also.  It is a natural deodorant (aluminum free).  I tried a sample in Germany and not only smells good it works really well.  The Hugo lotion was on clearance at my local Natural Grocer.  A scent by Hugo that was phased out.  I liked the scent so I bought it.  The bar soap is an artisan made soap by Anita (I have a prior post singing the praises of Anita).  Can't wait to use this collection!

This is my "I Love Vanilla" collection.  I was planning on breaking this out in Autumn.  The Gud body spray is nearly empty.  A few of the Hugo Vanilla Orange products are partially used.  I found the big bottle of Hugo Shampoo on sale so picked it up.  Hugo is supposed to have very good shampoo so thought I would try it out.

This is my "I Love Roses" collection.  The rosewater is partially used, the body wash and lotion are new.  When I use this collection I will be using this new pretty body puff.

Last but not least is what I am currently using.  Indian Coconut Nectar by Pacifica.  I am about halfway done with these.  The body wash is very gentle and the body butter feels and smells wonderful on my skin.  I have also tried some of Pacifica's new make-up line.  I tend to have sensitivities to make-up so I am picky about the products I purchase.  So far I have not had any problems with any of the Pacifica products I have tried.

So this is my soap/lotion stash that I need to use up.  I am jumping on Elle's Use-up BUS.  I will post and let you know when I have finished something and even give a review on it.

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