Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th & Germany

Hello!  Happy 4th of July!  Its been a long time since I last posted.  It seems blogging is no longer my passion.  I have been hanging out at You Tube these days.  There are so many beautiful and talented women out there and they make fabulous videos filled with so much great information and creative ideas.  Have learned so much! 

Anyway, on to my trip to Germany, which was amazing!  Of course the language was an obstacle, but we got around and it was fun.  I have to say that learning and practicing some German was very helpful before embarking on my trip.  At first it was a bit of culture shock for me and I was quite scared.  My first day out sightseeing with Mark was amazing, but when he took me to the city of Dusseldorf, well, I had stomach problems.  We attributed it to me being overwhelmed, which I was.  So we left Dusseldorf and returned to Essen.  I felt better there, just lingering pain from stomach cramps.  But the next day Mark had to go to work and I plunged in on my own.  Now that I am home I have ended up relishing the experience.  I thank the Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful trip.  He went before me and when I needed Him He was there in so many ways both big and small.

So on You Tube I made some slide shows of my trip and the things I experienced.  If you would like to know more about my trip please post comments and ask questions.  Otherwise it was a wonderful 18 days away.  I enjoyed the food, the shopping, the people and the various places I visited.

Me in Cologne on a bridge overlooking the Rhine River.


Chaos Cottage said...

I love Youtube too! I tend to only post my menu on my blog anymore. Your Germany trip looks so nice. So glad you could go.

We are moving out of our house and staying at a family lake house while it is on the market. We have four cats now and it's easier to keep the house presentable if we are all gone. Pray it sells in a timely manner. We have already found the home we would like to buy. But gotta sell this one first!

Becky said...

Will lift up a prayer for you Pam. Blessings on your new home!