Thursday, July 31, 2014

Berry Storage Boxes

I am wild about these storage boxes, they are great!  These little storage boxes have a little strainer basket inside so you can wash your produce right in the box.  All you do is put your produce in the strainer in the box, spray with your favorite veggie wash cleaner and fill with water.  Let the produce soak, drain, rinse and then put the strainer back in the box and pop the lid on.  It really helps keep things fresh.  However I do not limit them to just berries.  In the purple box I am storing blueberries,  the green box has petite carrots and the white box has cherries.  I bought different colors so as to be able to figure out which box has what.  I bought mine at my local supermarket (King Soopers) for $5.00 a piece.  I also found them on-line at Amazon for $7.02.

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