Sunday, January 19, 2014

Go away wind!

We have not been getting much snow lately, but we have been getting a lot of wind.  We live in the foothills so the wind is very strong at times.  Mark finally got the fence built only to have the wind knocking it over.  The wind blew our BBQ off the deck and another one of the covers on our window wells was destroyed.  I am so tired of the wind!  Love the view here at our house, just hate the wind.

Been following the Broncos.  I have to let you in on something that is great about Denver.  Bronco fans!  When I was out and about this past week there were so many fans wearing Bronco shirts or Bronco colors (orange & blue).  It was like the town was painted orange & blue everywhere I went.  The exciting news is that the Broncos are going to Superbowl...Hooray!!!

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jAne said...

i'm hoping you're feeling better becky. praying for your health. there's a cold virus making its way through northern california and it's dreadful .. lasting a very long time.