Saturday, March 8, 2014

Plenty of Sunshine!

I woke early this morning, early enough to see the beautiful sunrise.  I could tell by the sunrise that it was going to be a bright sunny day.  I enjoyed the winter wonderland scene, everything was blanketed in white, it was absolutely beautiful.  As the sun rose everything quickly turned into a very wet slushy mess.  The roads magically cleared so we decided to venture out.

So we ventured over to Greenwood Village where there is a new Trader Joe's.  It is so wonderful to have a Trader Joe's in Colorado!  Shopping in it takes us down memory lane.  While living in California I shopped weekly at Trader Joe's.  Also in the shopping center is an Original Pancake House which is a restaurant we enjoyed in California.  We have developed a ritual of having lunch at the Original Pancake House and then doing some grocery shopping at Trader Joe's.  Today I had the sourdough pancakes, which were very delicious.  Also, there is a TJ Maxx in the shopping center, which definitely needs to have my presence!  Today, I scored a very beautiful Raymond Waites quilt with matching pillow shams (hubby approved).  It is white with autumn colored flowers.  Our bed is going to look so pretty this coming fall.  Below is a picture of the quilt from the web.


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