Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Are you ready?

Okay, we all know what this question means in the month of December.  If you are asking me this question I would have to say "NO!" (imagine it sung to the tune of Jingle Bells).  Sounds sort of bah-humbug of me, maybe, but it is a completely honest answer.  I get emails from a certain store everyday reminding me how many shopping days I have left.  I am shocked every morning and even more so now that Christmas count down is in the single digits!  HELP!

Of course I have been side tracked by other issues.  Last week there was a court date for son #2.  Thankfully, it got rescheduled.  The new court date is mid-January...whew!  Unfortunately, after that a argument broke out between brothers resulting in a rift so big that it has dashed any dreams of a family Christmas.  A complete bah-humbug there.

Anyway, back to shopping...Only 8 days left...OMGoodness!  I wonder how I am going to get this feat accomplished?  Last time I went to the mall parking spaces barely exsisted, which is a huge deterant for shopping.  Oh!  Forgot to mention we do not have a Christmas tree. Hoping to score one soon...before they are gone.  It looks like its going to be another year of tree topper & lights only for us.  With all I have to do I am going the easy way!  Let me tell you, as far as the tree is concerned I love simple more each year!

Okay, I hear my charge calling me from his long winter's nap.  My Nanny job calls, so I must dash-away!  Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas despite the stress.  Jingle all the way! 

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jAne said...

well i'm waiting with bated breath to hear how things turned out on Christmas day, dear becky. {{{{{hug}}}}}