Wednesday, December 3, 2014

BUS & Beauty Update

Well, it is the beginning of the month, so time for a BUS update.  I don't think there is too much to update this month.  I finished the Rosemary Mint soap as pictured below.

So both of these products are now EMPTY!  However, I like the Rosemary Mint soap so much I got another bottle, which I found TJ Maxx for $4.99 (a real bargain).

As for my vanilla collection, I am nearly done with the two lotions pictured below.

The Jason & Hugo lotion were so low that I combined the what was left of the two.  I am using the Hugo Sweet Orange Vanilla hand soap in the kitchen.  The Hugo Sweet Orange shampoo I stopped using as I did not think it was doing my hair any favors.  Since it turned white, I am considering throwing it away.

Since it is Christmas I splurged and got myself a Hugo Snowflake soap in Vanilla Peppermint as pictured below.  And I got a little body spray by Zum in Minty Pine.

I adore snowflakes and the smell of peppermint at Christmas, so couldn't pass these products up.  When I can I will take pictures of what is in my current BUS.  I need to update since I've used up or gifted a lot of what is in my pictures.  The only collections I have not used are Lemon & Rose.

As for my evoling beauty routine, there are a few changes.  I have taken up using apricot oil with some Emu oil mixed in.  It is working really well for my face.  And I have been using a new deodorant by Crystal.  I chose the Chamomile & Green Tea scent and so far I really like it.  It is gentle and effective, not to mention it smells so good.

And I have been using Out of Africa hand lotion.  It is mostly comprised of Shea Butter.  It works extremely well on my eczema.

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