Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 2015?

Hello friends, welcome to 2015!  Another year of adventure.  The future awaits us!  Last year I had many exciting things to look forward to.  This year I don't have that.  Instead this year looks cloudy with a chance of meatballs.  The few things that are coming up are not things I am looking forward to.  And because my year started out on a bit of a bad note, well, I made a couple resolutions based on what went down.  I won't say what the resolutions are, but its all about boundaries and spending more time with people who build me up so I am fueled to do God's work.

Anyway, let me rewind a bit and let you in on how my Christmas went down.  We scored a Christmas tree the week before Christmas.  All the lots were pretty much cleaned out, but thankfully we scored a tree, and it was discounted.  The Monday before Christmas I came down with a tummy bug.  Thankfully I had all my Christmas shopping done.  Oh my goodness was this bug nasty!  Vomiting at my age is a terrible thing.  Talk about major workout and possible injury.  And, I was supposed to work the two days before Christmas, but that did not happen.  My little charge came down with the nasty bug also, so he needed to stay home.  Thankfully the worst was over in 24 hours, but other symptoms lingered.  Even so, I was able to sort of get Christmas together.  My Christmas dinner was not the best, as it was created with mostly instant stuff since I was not up to being a chef.

Son #1 and his wife spent Christmas with her family.  So that meant I did not get to be with my grandson for Christmas.  But I was hopeful I would see him for New Years.  Son #2 and his wife spent Christmas with us.  We celebrated his birthday Christmas Eve and then spent Christmas day with them.  Besides overlooking a few rules of the house, everything went well and we had a good time.  On New Year's Eve Son #2 invited us over to his place as a last minute sort of thing.  We went and enjoyed our time with him & his wife.

Son #1 was supposed to spend New Year's Eve with us, but flaked out.  He and his family were supposed to come on New Years day instead, but that did not happen either.  Instead we found out that he spent more time with his in-laws.  Naturally, I was quite miffed.  Finally, yesterday, we got to spend time with our grandson and a little bit of time with Son #1 & wife.

There is other drama going on that I won't go into detail about, but my two sons are still not speaking to one another.  When Son #1 came over the other day I told him that he really needs to swallow his pride and start talking to his brother.  There is some matter of business between them that needs to be resolved where the law is involved.

Well, stayed tuned for the next episode in "As the World Turns, Days of our Lives and Search for Tomorrow".  All I can say is it is going to be an interesting season/year.

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jAne said...

family drama .. seems a common thing if we're honest. ;)

our christmas dinner: chinese
i rather enjoyed not cooking.