Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Days are not Mine

Well, today I had a day off from my job.  Every time I get a day off, I fill with joy.  I begin dreaming of what I will do with my day.  I think I will rise early and jump into my car and go, free to do as I please.  However, lately it has not been working out as I imagine.  A lot of times, I get my best sleep on nights I know I don't have to work so I end up sleeping in.  Then I usually relax sipping a cup of coffee or tea.  I catch up with friends on email, do some planning and/or finish up some housework left undone.

Well today I did relax in the morning, sipping a cup of coffee.  And I did get to some unfinished housework.  Then I went out to do some shopping.  Since I have gained weight, some of my pants have gotten a bit too tight.  I was wearing size 2 to 4 for a long time.  Some of the size 4's still fit, but the size 2's are definitely out.  Anyway, I went out and did some shopping.  I had fun looking through the sale racks and admiring all the cute clothes, trying some on.  But in the end I only purchased a pair of winter gloves that are cell phone friendly (on clearance for $1.29).

While I was out I received a call from my daughter in-law asking if I could watch my grandson because she needed to take my son to the doctor.  He needed treatment for a golf ball sized cyst.  So I finished up my business and headed for home. As I was driving home I realized that my days are not my own, they in reality belong to my Lord.  I had dreamed of driving into the next city over to go to a little furniture shop owned by a woman who buys used furniture and refinishes it into lovely new pieces.  Anyway, I did not get there, instead I felt lead to shop close to home.  God had other plans for my day and what a blessing it was!  What a joy to see my grandson, to see his face light up when he saw me.  To have him want me to hold him, to listen to him babble and to have him kiss me.

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sherry. said...

***As I was driving home I realized that my days are not my own, they in reality belong to my Lord.***

what a lovely realization.
pondering this.

sherry aka "jAne"