Monday, February 9, 2015

BUS Update

Its been a long time since I've done a Back-Up Storage (BUS) update.  I have new pictures to share.  Here below is my BUS.

 Here I have a shampoo & conditioner.  I used some of the Andalou shampoo (lavender scent).  I really like it.  Will be getting these out of BUS soon as I am almost done with my current shampoo & conditioner which is by Kiss My Face (which I really like and will repurchase when I can). 

Here is my new rose collection.  I just got the body lotion out of BUS.

This is my previous rose collection.  I am currently using the body wash and I have used up the body lotion and I am nearly done with the rosewater body spray.  I am really enjoying using these rose products.
This is my lemon collection.  It is the same except for the addition of the Out of Africa hand lotion in lemon verbena (really good stuff).

This is my lavender collection.

This is my Sea Salt collection.

This is my Hawaiian collection.


Floral for Spring

Winter scents

And a mint body lotion that smells like Chocolate Mint.

So that is my BUS.  I have lots to use up.  Certainly, I don't need to buy anymore soap or lotion as I have plenty.  Most of the items I got at a discount or on sale.  However, I am really enjoying the rose products that I am using right now.  So much so that I am thinking that once I use up these products above, I am going to make rose my signature scent.  Plus, rose has so many benefits for the skin, not to mention its aroma therapy benefit.  It truly uplifts my mood and makes me feel pretty. 

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