Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Health & Stuff

Well, I am happy to report that I am finally able to gain weight.  Ever since my October 2008 surgery to take down the colostomy, I had issues with pain.  So much so that I was not really able to eat much.  I went on like that until my surgery in April 2013.  After a year of recovery I am finally able to eat normally and I have gained weight.  For the first time in 5 years I have to watch my weight.

One of the ways I am trying to cut calories is to cut back on sugar.  I have been reading a lot about sugar and how unhealthy it is.  However, I have a sweet tooth, so I thought I better cut back slowly.  One of the ways I am trying to cut back is through the use of an alternative sweetener in my tea & coffee...which is Stevia.

Here are a couple of bottles of liquid stevia (NOW brand) that I am using.  One is plain and the other is French vanilla flavored.  It is taking a bit of adjustment, but I just keep thinking about the calories I am saving not to mention the health benefit.  Did you know that too much sugar can be a culprit to higher cholesterol (amongst other things)?

Here is my tea station.  My current favorite teas are the Numi Chocolate Pu-reh, Tazo Chai and Oregon Chai's Dreamscape Herbal Chai, which is made with Rooibos.  However, my ultimate favorite tea is Peppermint.  You know in Germany when I asked for peppermint tea I was given a glass of hot water with fresh peppermint in it and a small bowl of rock sugar.  It was so delicious.  At home I just use peppermint teabags.

By the way, I just recently looked up the benefits of Rooibos tea and was amazed.  Supposedly Rooibos can help relax the body for sleep amongst other claims.  Here is a link to a tea website to check out what your favorite tea can do for you:

This is a picture of my side of the end table in our living room.  I made the knitted coaster for Valentine's Day.  I also painted the cup and the little bowl beside the cup.  I like to do seasonal decor, it keeps things interesting at home.

Behind the glass in the corner of the picture you can see a little tray with bottles.  That is my tray of health goodies for the cold season.  I have it loaded up with things like Olive Leaf and an Olive Leaf throat spray by Barlean's (it works wonders), Mucinex, Advil and a saline nasal spray.  I also have a bottle of Sovereign Silver nasal spray, which I have been using Sovereign Silver for years and I haven't turned blue.  Next to the tray I have a box of tissues, can't be without tissues when a cold hits.

So here's to health!  Hope you all are staying well, but if not, make yourself a little wellness station to pamper yourself while your body works at getting itself back to normal.  Take good care and God bless you!


jAne said...

your seasonal decor is so pretty, becky. love the crocheted mug rug. the past couple years i've drastically cut back on sugar - - at first it wasn't hard (medical reason) but from time to time i admit to lapsing. too much sugar is terrible for your intestines.. need to get back on the wagon..

Becky said...

Thanks so much for the compliment jAne, you are so sweet!