Monday, January 2, 2017

It's a New Year!

This year the holidays seemed to go by in a flash, actually I guess that is a good thing because for the last several years Thanksgiving & Christmas have not been my favorites. There have been some aspects of these holidays I have enjoyed, but somehow they seem to accentuate what I am missing.  I try to focus on the blessings, but when you have a loved one that is missing or you aren't getting along with, it is hard.  So I just do the best I can.  It seems the one thing that I can count on is getting sick at Christmas and Christmas 2016 was no exception.  The bright side is that I wasn't as sick as Christmas 2015.  And now we are in 2017 and I am actually looking forward what this year holds.

As far as our church situation, it has not gotten better.  My hubby wrote to our pastors and told them he does not like the direction they are going.  Only one of the pastors wrote back asking what is wrong with The Purpose Driven Life (PDL).  In his Sunday message he quoted the Purpose Drive Life and basically said he thinks the book rocks.  He also said that they have prayed about this and they feel this is the direction God wants them to go.  That's when you know things are bad because its our pastors that should be guarding and protecting the sheep from the wolves.  My hubby is trying to get a letter together with on-line links to show why the PDL is not good, but he is a bit hesitant as he doesn't feel the leadership will be open.

My hubby also contacted a godly man we know via You Tube.  A few years back he had to leave his church and he has since become a pastor.  Anyway, he has experience in these matters and was kind to give my hubby some advice.  He said that my hubby's letter will probably be met with disregard so beware.  He also said we have some time as PDL is mostly being taught in small groups, but when it starts seeping into the Sunday message (which it has) then we have to leave because we can't sit under blind guides.  Galatians 5:9 says, "A little leaven leavens the whole lump."  So 2017 is the year we begin our transition of leaving our church, visiting other churches and seeing where the Lord leads.

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