Monday, January 16, 2017

Continuing Saga

To be honest I am a complete mess! *heavy sigh*  It is so hard to leave our church and honestly I don't want to, but I have to.  I spoke with my nursery co-worker yesterday.  She had not been to church in a month, so she had completely missed all that has happened in the past few weeks.  Thankfully, she has been going to a church near her home where her brother and his family go.  She said she has felt guilty for liking that church more than our church.  I told her it is probably of the Lord and then I told her the new direction our church has decided to go and the danger of it.  Our discussion went really well and now she can make changes for the better.  We are so sad to break up, but she works nearby where I live so no reason we can't get together for lunch when we can.

I've only told one other friend.  Most Christians are unaware of the dangers.  Granted, it is hard to keep up with the wiles of the enemy these days.  Anyway, my friend said she has been increasingly irritated with the worship music that is being played at our church.  She said she felt guilty about it, like she was being rebellious.  I told her that I was having the same issue and that maybe the Holy Spirit has been warning us.  My friend is a nurse and doesn't have much time to research and try different churches.  So she told me to let her know what church I ended up at so she can come too.  So we will see where the Lord leads.  So far we are have a Baptist church on the list.  They are close by and their statement of doctrine says they believe the scriptures are the sole authority to faith & practice.

There are other friends that I should share with, but I worry how they will respond to what I say.  I am leaving it in the hands of the Lord and waiting on His timing.  And honestly, right now I am so upset I am not in a good way.  I need time to calm down, chill out, focus and relax.  So here's to new adventures on the narrow road.

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