Friday, July 12, 2013

The concept of "Chillin"

I've been reading about "relaxation" and I really need to go there.  I have been through so many trials in the past year.  It has become necessary for me to have a "time-out".  I think about my favorite prophet Elijah.  After his big battle with the worshipers of Baal and the Lord setting fire to that wet alter, Jezebel really got angry about all that God did and took it out on Elijah.  So Elijah, who had become weary, ran for his life out into the wilderness.  The Lord brought sleep to Elijah's tired body and even woke him with an angel and made him eat and drink.  Then the Lord had him journey to a cave and there the Lord came to him and dealt with his heart.  The Lord is that still small voice, gentle and reassuring.  Afterward the Lord gave Elijah a new assignment.  I like to look at this story and see that this is how the Lord deals with us as well.  We go through times where He uses us in a great way and then He allows us a time of refreshment and deals with our heart.

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