Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cleaning can be Uplifting

This is how I am handling my cleaning!  In so doing I discovered that a baby bunny is living in our garage.  I leave the door wide open and that bunny will not leave.  So I made up a paper plate of greens along with a small dish of water.  She went for it right away.  She won't let me touch her, very fast is she.  She has been my little companion as I dive into boxes I have not opened since we moved from California.  Oh the things I am finding!  So many good memories of my boys.  Like Eric's stuffed kitty that looked like our first cat named Phyllis.  I found our old high school yearbooks, a paper I wrote in college.  Poems from a friend, old resumes from when Mark and I were fresh out of college and trying to start our careers.  Oh the memories!  So much life that has been lived...30 years...that's how long Mark and I have been married now.  So much to give thanks to God for.

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