Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Autumn Color 2012

It is so nice to have my husband home after being in Germany for 2 weeks and another week spent in Canada.  We were able to spend only one week of September together.  One day this week after he got off work we went to our favorite park and took a walk.  Above is a picture of autumn color at Crown Hill Park.  What is sad is the drought and how it has affected the park.  The lake is way down and the pond in the bird sanctuary is completely dried up.  There were very few birds on the lake and we did not see any muskrats.  The drought has changed the ecosystem, leaving Colorado desperately in need of moisture.  The weather report says that it is coming.


jAne said...

hoping autumn and winter elements will bless all the vegetation in colorado.

Chaos Cottage said...

So glad you had a nice park date with your hubby. Sorry about the drought. Last year our colors in the Smokies were not at pretty. Hoping for better color this year.