Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Autumn brings Change

Well, as the leaves are changing color the plans we make can change as well.  And so change has come to Sunflower Cottage.  Mark and I planned that we would have my surgery on November 13th.  Well, a few things have arisen since making that plan.  First, the original plan was that Mark was only going to be spending one week on business in Asia before the surgery.  Well, while on business in Germany the bosses decided to tack on an extra week which cut into our time planned for surgery.  Second, I prayed and asked the Lord to make my tummy cooperate while Mark was away on business.  Well, the Lord answered my prayer and my tummy has been doing very well.  Pain has been at a minimum and to my surprise I have picked up a few pounds.

Mark and I decided that it would be best to cancel the surgery for now.  To keep the date, Mark would be home from Asia on the 10th.  We felt that was cutting things close as we know both of us are going to be exhausted from being apart as we usually are.  It takes us about a week to get back on track.  With the Lord timing is important and we know the Lord often works through circumstance, so we are seeking Him in these circumstances.

Another thing that is changing is that a dear friend of ours is moving to Durango, Colorado.  My dear friend Tara, the teacher, who had her baby this past summer.  I have so enjoyed being able to look after her baby from time to time.  If you will remember in a prior post, I took in her guinea pig, Snowy.  Piggy and I had so much fun together, but it turned out that I am very allergic to her.  So Tara set me up with a little boy who wanted Snowy.  I passed Snowy into his capable hands last weekend (sniff).  He was so excited to receive her.  So Snowy moved on and now Tara and her baby boy are moving as well.  Big sniff! is one thing we can be sure will happen...just as long as the Lord is in it we can rest assured that all things will work together for good.

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