Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flea & Thrift

My newest hobby this past summer has been going to flea markets and thrift stores.  Its like hunting for treasure.  Just like what I used to do when I went to the beach as a young girl.  I loved to hunt for seashells.  I would gather them up like treasure and go home and pour over my seashell book looking to see what I had found.

Anyway, we have a very nice thrift store nearby and I have found many quality items there.  On Saturdays, this particular thrift store (ARC) has certain tagged items for half price.  I was able to get my girlfriend 6 china dessert bowls and pretty spoons for under $10!  (By the way...she loves them.)  Below are some pictures of items I have recently picked up.  I apologize about the quality of the is a rainy day today and the house is dark.

Here is a lamp that I picked up at a flea market for $16!  The lamp had new electrical switch and cord.

In this picture the plate on the left was picked up at ARC on half price day for a buck. It is Limoges from France.  The picture of the roses was found at a flea market.  It was $8 (frame included)!  The man selling it said his daughter photographed the roses.  The vase in the middle is an grandmother's.

I picked up two of the rose patterned plates.  One on display above and this one I am using on the table.  Found this cracked glass candle holder on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond which matches perfectly.  Oh and the placemats (which you can get a partial glimpse of) were picked up at a rummage sale for a dollar a piece.

In this picture are etched glass creamer & sugar bowl picked up at the thrift store.  A dollar a piece!

Picked this gorgeous plate up for $1.50 at the thrift store on half price day.  Perfect little dish for my perfumes on my vanity.

Yesterday I picked up 4 of these etched glass goblets.  A dollar a piece!  Just couldn't pass them by.

Also found this Coldwater Creek skirt for $5!  Really good condition. You can't see it, but it has embroidery on it in the same color as the material making it very pretty.

Hope you enjoyed the virtual budget shopping trip.  Adding up all the items I bought (rounding up + tax) I spent close to $50.00 max.  Pretty good wouldn't you say?

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