Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sunrise and Single Parenting

Okay, did the title of this post grab you?  Mark is away on business until next week.  Let me tell you, being a single parent is rough, I am so exhausted.  Especially since I came down ill last week.  I am not back to my usual self yet so juggling everything on my own is taking a toll.  I miss my dear husband so much.

Mark is the one that takes the boys to school and lets me sleep in.  Well, since he isn't here I of course have to wake up early.  On Monday that turned out to be a blessing.  Big Yellow Cottage sits east/west, so I got to see the beautiful sunrise and the moon set in the back.  I was so thrilled.  Hope you enjoy the photos I took.

Eric's room is upstairs and faces east toward the plains.

Little Daisy likes to follow me around.  She and I watched the sun come up.

Here is the full moon setting over the mountains in the west.

Daisy wanted her picture taken with the moon.


outdoor.mom said...

glad all is well there. hope you survive okay without hubby. mine is disappearing for tomorrow ;-( too bad we aren't closer!

Andy and Ana said...

Hi Becky :) Daisy is so beautiful...sunrise & moonlight. Greetings from N.Calif. Ana from 'Our Front Porch' here :) Congratulations on your new home. I'm a renter, too and am glad you pay less now. It's beautiful lovely colour yellow :) We have one son in N.Mexico, his wife is named Becky, too. They work with the N.Mex Christian Children's Home. I am gonna try to get back to my blog (too much facebook). Enjoy your scriptures & photos. Have a blessed day, ana :)