Monday, March 6, 2017


Well, it is very windy here today, gusts up to 60 mph.  Denver is in a drought.  We have hardly gotten any snow this winter.  It has been windy and oh so dry.  I had Mark put food out for the critters last night and a Robin showed up while I was getting dinner ready in the kitchen.  In Colorado that means spring is coming early.  Plus my bulbs in the front yard flower beds are coming up.  The green months here are short. The barren look hangs around for at least 6 months (if not more) and that's half the year.  I can only hope that we get lots of rain because snow will hurt the blooming things as it did last year.

Well, to update on the church situation, we have not even been to a new church.  We have had sickness after sickness.  We can only figure it is the Lord's will for us right now.  If I'm not sick Mark is.  This past weekend I caught a bug my son and grandsons had and I was so sick.  Thankfully this morning I am feeling well enough that I will be able to handle the kiddos.  Anyway, the first Sunday we left the church we took a day to ourselves.  We felt we needed a break after all the heartache, I called it a mental health day.  It was a beautiful day, no snow, just sunshine and warm air so we took advantage of it.  Ever since that day we have been sick and the only other thing was our grandson's birthday party which we had on a Sunday so his daddy could come (because he works on Saturdays).  So we have been doing on-line church.  A church called The Superior Word in Florida has become our home on-line church.  We love Pastor Charlie and this last Sunday he shared our profile write up with everyone which was very sweet.  And we watch other churches as well.  We don't have the physical fellowship, but we are sure being fed.

As far as our old church, a friend called me and let me know that we have left a hole.  She said we are really missed.  And she said that other people are starting to question what the pastors are doing. She said that they are really pushing the small groups and starting to push the purpose driven stuff in the sermons.  Me and my friend cannot believe why these pastors are doing this when they are supposed to know the word so well.  While praying the answer came to me:  "Because they are following a man and not "me".  My friend asked me to pray for her and others in the church.


Sherry said...

continuing in prayer ..

* for your health (both of you)
* for the church as a whole and
for the church you left
* that God would continue to speak
truth to your heart

you're loved.

Becky said...

Thank you so much Sherry, you are such a blessing. During this time I have also been enduring trials with my son in Cali. The past few months have been very stressful ones.

Sherry said...

i haven't ceased in praying for your son(s). ♥
that continues...