Friday, February 24, 2017

Life Update

Its been a little over a month since I last wrote.  I've been thinking about posting, but haven't been in a mood to chat simply because I've been so down about our church going astray.  It's been interesting watching the goings on from afar as we still get the church's weekly newsletter.  I opened one of the letters one day and that set me back.  Its been hard and I've been tempted (just being honest).  Mark said he reads the newsletter just as confirmation. The other day he told me that this year the ladies ministry is not having the usual women's retreat, but are instead going to an IF Gathering.  I would definitely not participate in that and you can read about the dangers of IF at Truthkeepers and Lighthouse Trails.

Wow!  Thinking back, I remember getting that call to be a leader in women's ministry.  It was something I had thought about, to play a bigger role.  I could have said "yes" thinking it was totally of the Lord that I was being asked, but instead my first response was that I needed to pray about it, which was good.  When I went to the Lord I heard nothing, which basically means "wait".  I got counsel from my husband, which he said I am too busy, which I am.  There was a deadline of giving an answer.  In between that time of being asked and giving an answer, I was bombarded with guilt at not doing my part, not trusting God to open the time up, blah blah blah.  Well, as you may know from reading my prior post, I declined the position and I am now glad I did.  The leading of the Holy Spirit is so soft and gentle, as in that verse:  1 Kings 19:12 "a still small voice" (KJV).

What's been so hard about this whole apostasy thing is watching people I thought were strong in the Lord peel off in this apostate direction.  And when you tell them the dangers of it, they pay you no mind.  So I am losing friendships.  Again the words of that song:  All to Jesus I surrender, all to Him I freely give.  I will ever love and trust Him in His presence daily live.  There is a cost to following our Lord, as he described in Luke 14:26-27 and Matthew 10:37, we have to love Him first and most and that may cause problems in our other relationships.

Otherwise, life has been busy as usual taking care of children.  Its a blessing, but my emotions have not been in the best way.  I think I may be under spiritual attack as I have been depressed and irritable more so than usual.  And have had more than my share of viruses.  Ugh!  I hosted a big party for my dear Everett, who turned 3 on Valentine's Day.  It was a great party and I felt like the Lord spoke to me saying "this is your mission field" as I looked at all the guests.  All these young people that don't know him.  Well, this is all for now.  May the Lord bless you and keep you. 


Sherry said...

Holding you close to my heart as you navigate these troubled waters... And thanking Him that your heart is for him alone. No winds taking you to the new movement of the hour. Stand firm. No matter what. Praying.

Deanna said...

Hello Dear Lady!
Coming to you from Kansas. Reading your blog as I have come through the virtual door at Sherry's Blog wearing pearls. You are not alone in your discovery about how the church has been infiltrated by itching ears and luciferians. Getting out of the word of faith movement took me years and the sadness that came with it will change as you continue to grow in the Lord. About two and a half years ago I started another round of what I call detoxing from the lies. I thought I was completely out of WOF until I started researching the doings of the freemasons and the hand they had in all of this nonsense that so many Christians have believed lock stock and barrel. You'll probably see that you truly are a remnant. I didn't understand what Jesus had said about will there be faith when He returned. After the studying I've completed I believe I understand a tad bit more of what He meant. I am a born again Christian through Jesus Christ as my saviour and it is completely different than the Christian 'CULT'ure that comes from those preaching/teaching/doing conferences saying they are christians. Truthfully they are not following sound doctrine, but are embracing false teachings as well as ignoring being born again through Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit. Behavior Modification WITHOUT being born again and filled with God's Holy Spirit is practically taboo. The one world church is being pushed so you will fall for the anti-christ is the direction the CULTure is going. Sorry I have said so much. Nice to come across your blog. God will help you make new friendships outside of the church you had attended for so many years. It can be a difficult journey, but I know God can comfort and help. Blessings to you, d