Saturday, March 5, 2016


This is going to be a general update and a "Use It Up" update combined.

General Update
I have been busy taking care of my new daycare client.  Its been an adjustment getting used to the hours.  I've been working 9 1/2 hours 2 to 4 days a week. The parents are very nice people, however, their little girl is a challenge for me thus far.  She is an only child and doted on so that may explain some of her behavior.  My grandson is 6 months younger than her and he has been great about sharing his toys and playing with her.  He's had times where he has needed correction, but that comes with any child.  However, this little girl seems to have a different dimension.  The first day she played with my grandson she punched him two times and bit his finger.  Her parents had a talk with her and she was better for a bit.  Then one day out of the blue she hit my grandson upside the head.  Today my grandson was sitting on the sofa reading a book and she pushed him off the edge.  None of these things were provoked by my grandson.  All I can say is that I have to keep it in prayer.  I know kids do these things, but I don't want to have my grandson picked on just so I can earn a few dollars.

Use It Up
Well, I don't think there has been much progress.  I did use up all of my Moisture Max Sugar Plum lotion.  As pictured below.

I went to Whole Foods to purchase some more Moisture Max lotion, but for some reason decided against it.  I think because I had just purchased two tubes of A La Maison brand lotion for $4.99 a tube at Marshall's.  I found Sea Salt & Coconut scents and I have the soaps in those scents in my storage.

And I also purchased more of the Renpur Co-wash which has been working really well for my hair.  I did purchased a deep hair conditioner by Shea Moisture prior, but it leaves my hair too greasy.  So no more Shea Moisture products for my hair, they just don't work for me, going to stick with Renpur.

I got bored of the Philosophy body wash in my shower.  I was hunting around in my cupboards and came across my EO Rose scented body wash (as pictured below).  Completely forgot I had it in there!

I also found a new Andalou 1000 Roses body lotion in my cupboard too (pictured below).  So using that and the Rose Petals Rosewater spray also.  Still using the Rose scented bar soap as decoration in my bathroom.

So there you go, that is my update.  Thanks for stopping by and catching up with me.  God bless!


Sherry said...

i'm so sorry to learn that your daycare girlie isn't being a nice girlie! and please allow me to share that while she may be an only child, her behavior depicts leisurely parenting skills. my daughter is an only child and no way no way no way did she act in this manner. she shared well, and was a gracious little one with intermittent naughtiness cuz she's human.. i knew a few kiddos from bigger families that were absolute brats.

hopefully those parents can buy a clue and change up how they parent. wow.

Becky said...

Thank you for your comment Sherry, I really appreciate your input and agree with you. The father did admit that they don't always know what to do to make her behave. These days it is hard working with children & parents with the way the world is. It takes prayer and guidance of the Lord. I can honestly say that the challenges draw me closer to Him.