Thursday, January 14, 2016

Use It Up Update

It is time for the "Use It Up" Update.  First, I will report on items I bought this month. I bought a new lotion.  It was 50% off, so I could not resist.  Besides, the type of lotion (Maximum Moisture/Whole Foods brand) is great for winter.  It is thick and rich and really helps with that winter itch.  Here is a picture of the lotion from the internet.

The scent I picked is Sugar Plum and it smells delightful. 

As for using my supply up.  I did use up a bar of peppermint soap (pictured below in the glass soap dish).  I got that bar of soap as a birthday gift. 

The next items that are close to being used up are pictured below.

Andalou Aloe Mint shower gel is halfway gone, and the lotion is nearly gone.  Maybe by the end of the month both will be all gone.

Remember the pump on the above pictured soap broke?  Well, I put the soap into a different bottle and have been using it in my kitchen.  I just poured the last of it into the new bottle, so it is on its way to being used up.  Hopefully by the end of this month.

Oh, I have forgotten to mention, another thing I purchased this month, pictured above.  This is a perfume I use.  Kuumba fragrance oils are all natural, very fragrant and long lasting.  A little goes a long way.  I get many compliments, so if you want to try them I recommend it.  I get mine at Whole Foods Market.  I have been using this one little bottle of Arabian Rose for about a year or more and it is finally gone.  I bought a new bottle in the scent Lavender Lace (hubby approved).

So that is my update for this month.  I hope that I have inspired you and that you are using up what you have.  But most of all that you are enjoying what you have.

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